Which is better Angel Broking vs. Groww?

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Comparing the two stockbrokers to see which ones is the best can be a hurdle given that they both have so much to offer. However, if you want to know the broker, is that better? Then we have all the differences and comparisons listed below.

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About Angel Broking

Hailing as one of the largest full-service stockbrokers in the country, Angel Broking offers a wide array of investment opportunities in the stock market that includes the segments of commodity, margin funding, financial products distribution, and more. the broker has well over 110 branches with 11,000 sub-branches in over 1,800 towns and cities. The broker allows traders and investors to invest in the BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX.

Angle broking charges 450 rupees from the second year for the demat AMC charges. The trading account opening charges, trading account AMC charges, Demat account opening charges are all free of cost. Moreover, the brokerage for all these segments, such as equity, currency, the commodity, is flat 20 rupees per lot with no minimum brokerage charge.

They offer a broad range of features and services such as charting, margin trading funding, SMS alerts, automated traded, online demo, online portfolio, and more.

About Groww

Groww, on the other hand, is a discount broker where it offers minimalistic investing opportunities in IPO, equity, and mutual funds with a flat brokerage fee. It’s a SEBI registered stockbroker who is also a member of the BSE and NSE. However, it offered investment opportunities only in direct mutual funds while expanding towards fixed deposits, US stocks, and digital gold investment when it was first launched.

All the charges regarding the opening of a trading and Demat account is free of charge. Also, the AMC for both accounts is free. Groww also charges a flat 20 rupees per lot brokerage for equity delivery and equity intraday. However, they are limited in terms of features as you get features such as charting, SMS alerts, online portfolios, and online demos. The only trading platform through which trading is carried out is through its mobile application.

Angel Broking vs. Groww

Both the stockbrokers are pretty powerful and feature-rich in their place. However, Angel broking is the preferred choice given its vast experience as a stockbroker and varied investment opportunities combined with a lower brokerage fee.

Groww, on the other hand, is quite a nascent stockbroker whose primary agenda is direct mutual fund investment. If you’re interested in these, then Groww is the option for you. Use both the brokers and see which one benefits you the most.

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