Angel Broking vs Zerodha Comparison: Which is better stock broker?

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There are a number of stock brokers in India. Here we highlight two of the leading stock broking companies: Angel Broking vs Zerodha, a comparison to read.

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The stock market is the most versatile market I know. And with changing the economy and financial dynamics this market has seen a robust and vigorous change over the period of time.

With so many market players and factors to choose for entering the market, everyone is bound to be confused with the choices and option. So, I thought to discuss two of the popular trading and stock-broking platforms of India: Zerodha and Angel Broking.

Angel Broking vs Zerodha: Comparison

1. Introduction:

Angel Broking is a Mumbai based stock brokerage firm incorporated in 1987 with full functioning 22 branches spread across India.

Zerodha is a Bangalore based company which started on 15th August 2010 is a trading company. It is said to be India’s largest stock broking company in terms of the number of users. It has a widespread network of 900+ branches all over India.

2. Broker Type & Brokerage Charges:

Zerodha is Discount Broker Company (i.e. it charges a lower commission in comparison to others). In this respective case, it’s Rs.20 per transaction.

Whereas Angel Broking is a full-service broker (i.e. it provides end to end service in relation to trading along with advisory and other related services, with full commission charged based on decided percentage over the transaction).

3. Services offered:

Although, both of them are members of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX) and Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX), they provide different services.

Angel Broking provides an extensive array of advisory services with analytical reports and insights to help their users and subscribers to take financial decision more efficiently. Even though Zerodha is not involved in any such advisory service, but it has a special training kit like "Varsity" for their users which can enhance their ability to understand the market better and take the decisions accordingly.

But, Zerodha offers direct market investment by eliminating the brokers which angel broking is not currently offering.

The product and the applications brought in by Zerodha are more user-friendly and easy to navigate by even laymen users in comparison to that of Angel broking processes and transactions.

4. Trading instruments:

Where Angel Broking deals in all financial instruments like equity, debt, commodity, bonds, currency, Initial public offering (IPO), etc. Zerodha doesn’t deal in instruments like IPO, bonds and debts.

Also, Zerodha is well known for its mutual fund i.e. Zerodha Coin and SIP schemes. These schemes are not available under the former option.

5. User Earnings:

Zerodha has a low cost of transaction due to the lower brokerage model and other related charges. Thus, the earnings of the user can be a bit at the higher end with Zerodha in comparison with Angel Broking as the user is saving a good amount of money on brokerage fees.

Both the stock broker companies have been a part of the Indian market and are working through the economy to provide the best services to their users and subscribers. They both have their own unique pluses and minuses. We have to take our own decision depending on our financial needs and user requirements.

These are my personal views. Which one do you like? Feel free to share your favourite stock brokers in India and any experiences with them.

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