Is Zerodha Safe and Reliable Stock Broker for Trading?

A quick answer to this: Yes, Zerodha is a safe and reliable stock broker for trading and long term investment.

You might have heard and read so much about Zerodha, a leading and one of the best discount broker in India. It's just amazing to know about their huge customer base and fast growing company. Do you ever feel that Is Zerodha safe and reliable stock broker for trading and long term investment? Is it the best Discount broker in India? Will Zerodha be able to cope up with such rising number of clients and serve them well?

Don't worry, I also sometimes feel the same. But, there's nothing to worry as such. I am not going to give a complete Zerodha review here. I'll just point out the plus discuss advantages of opening a Demat account with Zerodha.

Yes, Zerodha is one of the topmost discount brokers in India. It is the largest discount broker and offers impeccable services to its customers. The company keeps on making changes like waiving off certain fees, DP charges on Zerodha Coin redemption etc. All these to build a better relation with its clients.

So, I don't think there's any doubt in safety of transactions through Zerodha. They company is expanding its client base significantly.

Moreover, SEBI is the regulating body that has set norms in favour of customers. So, there isn't any concern regarding reliability or performance.

Of course, Zerodha is a reliable stock broker in India. No doubt, in it! I have been trading through them since the past few years. A wonderful platform and great customer support, is what I can best say.

I am quite impressed by their latest Zerodha Kite 3 version, their user-friendly app that has further eased out the stock trading process. The regular and timely emails that one gets for any changes and updates taking place in the stock market, this further adds to the benefits of opening an account with Zerodha.

This was from my side. Feel free to share your feedback as well.

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