Is it possible to make Rs.5000 to Rs.50,000 of profit in a single day in the stock market?

Short Answer

Generating 1000 times returns in the stock market is highly unlikely but not impossible. However, through aggressive trading, scalping techniques, trading in penny stocks, strategies for trading, technical analysis and trading with the market trend, you could get the relevant returns you’re looking for, provided everything favors your decision-making in the desired investment opportunities.

Detailed Answer

There is no certainty over this as you never know how much you might earn. You might lose or your investment or even double it. It’s all calculated risks and analyses that would provoke help in making money in the stock market.However, for your question, there are several possibilities where you can make a considerable amount of profits. But then there are some pointers to keep in mind before you take these trades. These parameters are given as follows.

• The entry point in trades.

• The strategy being used.

• Technical analysis.

• Market trend.

With the above-given pointers, you can invest you’re 5000 rupees and see it grow 5% or even 10%, who knows. It’s all on the pointers stated above, on which it would all grow exponentially. Now let’s talk about something realistically. You have a capital of 5000 rupees. So it’s impossible to make 50,000 rupees in a single trade unless and until the company you’re trading with reports huge profits to see 1000 times its growth potential.

But the only way you might be able to make that much profit is through scalping. Scalpers use a sniper strategy to enter a trade (whether its buy or sell) and exit the trade within 1-3 minutes max. its where they tend to trade on the profits reaped and execute such trades multiple times.

Another way of growing your money exponentially in the stock market is by investing in penny stocks. These stocks have a lower price cap, and there is growth potential. But then they are highly volatile as well. Within seconds, they change their prices vastly by more than 2-5%. So tread carefully with penny stocks.

If you know the ins and outs of trading in penny stocks, then you could grow your 5000 rupees capital investment to more than 50,000 rupees in profit. However, it’s all going to be indifferent trades and not a single one.

Stock Market Profits

If you’re looking to make 50000 rupees profit with a 5000 rupees investment, then the only options you have left are intraday trading, scalping and trading in penny stocks. Don’t expect a single trad to fetch you exponential returns. However, you will have to trade in multiple assets and use several strategies to grow your portfolio to see that much income. Furthermore, while trading, you will incur losses, and it’s a better deed that you have the necessary stop loss to prevent excessive damage.

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