Is CapitalCube Free to use?

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It is not completely free to use CapitalCube. It offers a total of three plans for investors, Basic, Premium, and Pro Plan. Find out which of these plans suits your needs.

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Brief Overview of CapitalCube

CapitalCube is an international stock, ETF, analytics platform that provides stock research and analytics tools to investors. CapitalCube is a well-established platform that publishes more than 1,000 articles on a daily basis. These articles are based on in-depth analysis and research on stocks and ETFs. It’s published on well-known platforms like Yahoo Finance, and Wall Street Journal.

Is CapitalCube Free?

In Short, CapitalCube is not Free. Although there are some features that you can access in the free version. On the other hand, if you want to carry out any major analysis or stock screening, you will have to upgrade to any of the two paid plans of CapitalCube. Let's look at the plans available on the platform.

CapitalCube provides a total of three plans out of which one is a Free plan, that does not provide much features. An investor has to subscribe to any one of the remaining plans to gain access to the necessary tools.

The two paid packs are the ‘Premium Pack’ and ‘Pro Pack’. Let's look at what these packs offer individually.

“Premium Pack”

The ‘Premium Pack’ is available for US 24.99$ per month, or 249$ yearly. The Premium pack caters to most of the needs of an ‘Individual Investor’. Under the Premium pack, you get access to most of the features and tools available on the platform. Some of them include,

  • Stock Analysis
  • ETF Analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Technical Charting
  • Download Screener data
  • Company News/Alerts, etc.

“Pro Pack”

The Pro Pack is considered for Institutional Investors and Financial Advisers as it offers all the features available on the platform. The pricing is considerably high when compared to the Premium plan. The cost per month is US 299$ and 2999$ annually.

Under the Pro Plan, you get all the features included in the ‘Premium Plan’ and some additional features. They are,

  • Downloadable Reports
  • Deep Analysis of Reports
  • Option to Customize Peers.


To conclude, CapitalCube is a great platform for international as well as domestic investors. It offers a range of features that can be helpful to most investors.

Now coming to selecting a pack, the ‘Premium Pack’ should be the first choice of most of the investors. The reason being, the Premium Pack offers almost all the features and tools that an individual investor needs.

The ‘Pro pack’ is much more expensive and offers some features that an individual investor might not need. Hence an investor might be well suited with the ‘Premium Plan’ of CapitalCube that will cater to all their needs.

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