I want to but the Screener Premium plan? Is it useful and should I go for it?

I want to buy the premium plan of Screener. Is it worth it? Should I go for it or stick to the free version only? What is the price of the premium plan? Are the features of basic and premium plans different? Which one is better- free or premium?
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Short Answer

Screener is a comprehensive Stock Screening and Fundamental Analysis tool providing platform that provides many useful tools for the following. Screener provides two different plans that you can select from. They are the "Free Plan" and "Premium Plan". Both of these plans have their own features and advantages. Know more about these plans and find out if the Premium Plan is for you.

Detailed Answer

What are the Plans in Screener. in?

Screener offers two plans to all its users. They are “Free Plan” and “Premium Plan”. Both these plans have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The premium subscription of Screener is like a complete professional package that allows you to add many companies and columns.

Price mentioned on the website is inclusive of GST. If you don’t like the plan then there is an option to get a full refund. But it will only work if you have put the request within the first 48 hours.

After completion of one year, if you aren’t happy or want to change then you can stop the payment. Or you can leave the account as it is. By doing so, your account remains the same but the paid privileges will be removed.

Let's look at some of the features of these plans.

1. Free Plan

Under the Free Plan of Screener, you get access to all the basic tools such as:

  • Follow up to 50 companies.
  • Set screen alerts on 2 companies, of which you will be notified via email.
  • You can use up to 15 custom columns for stock comparison.
  • You can export the required charts and data to Excel.
  • Read up to 20 key insights per month.
  • Create custom ratios.

These were some of the features that you will get for free if you choose not to opt for the Premium Plan. Now let's look at what the Premium Pack has to offer.

2. Premium Pack

The Premium Pack of Screener includes all the features present in the Free plan and much more. Some of the exclusive features that are available on the Premium Plan are.

  • You can follow Unlimited companies than only 50 in the Free plan.
  • You can set unlimited screen alerts here whereas you could set only 2 alerts in the Free plan.
  • You can set up to 50 columns for Stock Comparison.
  • Get access to 300 key insights per month.
  • Detailed Peer comparison, available exclusively in the premium plan.
  • Get Quarterly results tracker and access to multiple watchlists.
  • Get priority support for any problems and queries.

These were some of the additional and exclusive features present on the Premium Plan. Hence, there are multiple advantages of getting the Premium plan over the Free Plan.

Who is it Useful for?

Looking at the features and advantages of the Premium Plan, it is clear that the Premium Plan offers much more value than the Free plan. The cost of the premium plan is Rs 4999/ per year. This is justified by the value it provides.

Any retail investor who does detailed Fundamental Analysis and stock analysis can benefit from the premium plan. The premium plan provides a much detailed and extensive analysis of stocks and sectors, Serious Investors might find it very useful.

Investors with significant capital, who are looking to invest or are trying to learn to do stock analysis can consider the Premium Plan. For most of the Passive Inventors or the people who take investing as a hobby, the Free Plan might fulfill their requirements.

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If you are an investor then paying Rs. 4,999 a year is a costly affair. If you are a trader who trade in high volumes and who is in need of features relating to comparison and analysis, then you can go for it. To put it simply, an experienced and an active trader whose profits are much higher than Rs.5,000 a year, can go for it.

If you are well-versed in technical terms and are an experienced investor or trader, a premium screener is best. But if you are just getting started or are new to the market, a basic plan is sufficient to get you going.

Yes, right! The basic plan is well suited to a beginner or a novice traders. Also, as a beginner you should never ever do the mistake of buying the premium plan. You will end up being confused on how everything works!

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