How to Open a Trading & Demat Account with Paytm Money?

Short Answer

To open a Paytm Demat Account you do not need to make a lot of efforts. You can simply do it online which spares you from standing in a long waiting queue in the branch of the broker house. These days online and offline account opening has become all the more easy.

Detailed Answer

Here's the simple account opening process with Paytm, that's quite similar to what you follow with other stock brokers in India.

Paytm Money Account Opening Process

The detailed Paytm Money Demat account opening procedure is mentioned below:

1.First, you will need to download the app to open a trading and demat account with Paytm.

2.Then you will find an ‘Open Demat Account’ button in the bottom of the page.

3.Once you click, an account opening form will appear immediately on your mobile screen.

4.With all original data you have to fill-up the form and then submit it.

5.After submitting, a broker house executive will contact you and provide you the link of their EKYC completion page.

6.When you follow the EKYC link, you will find the other form and there you will have to input your details of PAN Card number, Aadhaar Card number and date of birth.

7.After submitting, again you will find another form where you will have to enter details of your bank account like IFSC code, branch name, account number, etc.

8.On submitting this form, you will have to scan and upload important documents like a cancelled cheque, a passport-sized photograph, Voter ID Card, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card.

9.After this you have to sign the digital form and this sign can be done online with the help of your Aadhaar Card. 

10.Once you sign the form then you will have to pay the account opening charges, easily it can be done online through multiple online payment portals.

11.After paying account opening charges, your demat account will get activated, and you will be able to log in it and start trading. 

Paytm Money Trading and Demat Account Opening Charges

Almost every broking house levies trading and demat account opening charges on its users, and there are Paytm account opening charges too, but comparatively these seem to be very less.

For opening a demat and trading account, this stock broker levies aPaytm demat account charges of ₹300 and ₹200 for the digital KYC. Thus, you can open an account for a very low cost and enjoy all the brilliant facilities provided by Paytm.

However, you need not maintain any margin value with Paytm, and this proves to be very helpful for the beginners who are starting fresh in this field. The broker house is registered with CDSL and NSDL and provides the facilities of trading shares. 

Paytm Money Trading and Demat Account Review

Paytm is the largest mobile wallet company in India. It’s demat and trading account helps traders to trade effortlessly and profitably. This is the main reason that traders might prefer opening a Demat account with this mutual funds and stock broking services provider.

They recently rolled out stock trading services through its application. Apart from this, they already started many other services like Paytm Funds, Paytm Gold Mutual Funds, Paytm NPS, Paytm Mutual Funds, etc. For now, the stock trading option can be accessed only by android users and they are working to allow for iOS users as well. We are certainly going to see a lot of advancements in the range and type of services Paytm Money offers ahead.

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    PayTm is a very user friendly discount brokerage website. It is completely free and has a lot of features which makes the users to use it in the best way which makes their work very easy and balanced. There is a variety of options and its easier to track their money and invest in the best way possible. The process is very fast and concise, the platform being digital, it is also very flexible.

    Opening an account in Paytm Money is completely free but it only allows you to invest in Mutual Funds. To invest in Stocks, IPO's, etc one needs to open a Demat & Trading account with Paytm, which costs Rs500, which includes an Account opening charge of Rs300 and Rs200 as KYC charges.

    No doubt Paytm offers a broad range of services and features in terms of trading options. However, before selecting the platform check out other platforms and compare it in-depth to avail of greater services and features. Zerodha is a strong competitor with its "kite" line of tools to felicitate in trading in the stock market.

    Opening accounts on Paytm Money was a very quick way to invest my money on various funds. The best I loved about this app, that it is very convenient, secure, and flexible, I can draw my money anytime. The only Con I have faced so far is that the notification system is not that effective and that's why we need to keep our SIP dates in mind. Is there any was to set up the notification in the app?

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What are disadvantages of Opening Demat and Trading account with Paytm Money?

With every stock broker, including the likes of Paytm Money, some disadvantages might be a trade-off in choosing them. These include the unavailability of trading with currency and commodities, trading in futures is still not available, the trading platform isn't robust, etc.

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What are disadvantages of opening demat and trading account with 5paisa?

There are some definitive drawbacks when it comes to using 5paisa. These include high brokerage fee, average customer services, the absence of 3-in-1 accounts, and more.

What are advantages of opening Demat and Trading account with Zerodha?

Zerodha was incorporated in the year 2010 by Nitin Kamath, an entrepreneur. The idea behind the firm was to offer high quality services to a huge chunk of population at low cost, and Zerodha is very well known as pioneer of discount model in India.

How to Open a Demat & Trading Account with Stoxkart?

Follow an easy account opening process with few basic requirements to complete for getting your Stoxkart demat and trading account opened. If you have your PAN card copy, AADHAR, bank proof ready, it's all the more easy to open your demat and trading account online in an easy manner. Here we explain a detailed step by step process of how to open a trading and demat account with Stoxkart.

What are benefits of opening Demat & Trading account with 5paisa?

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Is Opening a Demat and Trading Account Safe with Groww?

Yes, opening a Demat and trading account safe is completely safe with Groww. In fact, being an emerging entrant in the stock brokers arena, it's trying to expand its user base quite agressively. And, seeing such new players in the already competitive stock broker hub is really interesting and somewhat beneficial for the traders.

Can we open demat and trading account without Aadhaar card in India?

Yes, you can open a trading and Demat account without an Aadhaar card but it's not possible to do that in the online method. To open your account without an Aadhaar card, you will have to visit the broker's branch and complete the process there.