Which is better Paytm Money vs. SBI Cap Securities?

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Paytm Money and SBI Cap Securities have many differences when it comes to the brokerage, segments of investment offered, and other such parameters. We have illustrated everything in detail below to know what these differences are and which one you might want to choose.

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About Paytm Money

Paytm Money is part of Paytm, where is started offering trading and investment services back in 2017. The company is based out of Bangalore and an RBI-approved payment merchant. The stockbroker is registered with SEBI and a DP of the CSDL. Earlier, the stockbroker offered easy ways to invest in mutual funds that expanded to equity, P&O, Equity, digital gold, and several other platforms.

As a discount broker, Paytm Money does charge 200 rupees to open a trading account with no charges associated with AMC charges for a trading account and Demat account and AMC for demat account. Moving ahead with the brokerage charge, then that is capped at 10 rupees per order for equity intraday delivery, equity futures, and equity options. Equity delivery brokerage is free while the currency and commodity charges are absent as they don’t provide trading in that segment of the stock market.

Paytm Money does provide charting features, online demo, online portfolio, and a magnitude of trading platforms via the website and mobile application.

About SBI Cap Securities

SBI Cap Securities is a full-service stockbroker part of the state bank group. The stockbroker provides explicit investment opportunities in equity, retail equity, depository services, and derivatives. Through their SBI Smart application, users can easily invest in the stock market in equity, ETF’s, IPO, derivatives, mutual funds, and several other segments. Moreover, it’s a DP with the NSDL and CSDL.

The stockbroker provides trading facilities with the NSE and the BSE with over 117 branches for smooth and reliable customer services and efficiency in its operations. The charges associated with the stockbroker are comparatively higher, provided that the opening charges for a trading account are 850 rupees and the AMC for the Demat account is 350 rupees. Moreover, the AMC charges for a trading account and opening a Demat account are free of charge.

The brokerage charges imposed by SBI Securities are 0.50% for equity delivery, 0.05% charge for equity intraday and equity futures. Equity options have a 100 rupees per lot charge, while currency futures has a 0.03% charge. Also, currency options trading is 30 rupees per lot. SBI Securities features are a 3-in-1 account, SMS alerts, online portfolio, online demo, multiple trading platforms, and more.

Paytm Money vs. SBI cap Securities

Choosing either one of them will satisfy your trading venture. However, if you want the most of the buck, then do your research and see what you require and which stockbroker is offering that in the best possible manner. The one that suits you the best should be your optimal preference.

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