How to create smallcase in Zerodha?

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Anybody can create their own smallcase on Zerodha by choosing any 50 listed stocks on NSE and arranging them in segments. You can also assign a certain weightage to specific stocks and trade them accordingly.

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What is a smallcase?

A small case is a collection of 2-50 stocks that is simple to purchase, track, and maintain. In the Explore section, you'll find over 20 small cases generated expertly by a credentialed research group. These small cases are linked to various market topics, surging ideas, or prototype strategies that facilitate the visibility of Indian stocks.

However, putting money in portfolios is a time-consuming process that involves at least three different gateways, as well as four steps that require a significant amount of time and clicks. You can make your own small case to allow you to build and invest in your own assets. You can establish your small case in three steps and invest in it right away.

How to make a smallcase?

1. Choose stocks and organize in groups

A calibrated list of up to 50 stocks is referred to as a smallcase. Begin by incorporating a stock, and then use the Stocks Recommendations feature to see more securities in the same industry. After you've added all of your necessary stocks, use segments to organise and categorise them.

2. Assign proper weightage

To measure your smallcase, you can use either an Equi-weighted or a Market Cap-weighted strategy. Alternatively, you can allocate independent weights to your equities or even select the number of shares to be issued for each stock.

3. Check the past performance

After updating equities and weights, go to the Performance tab to see how well the smallcase would have operated in the previous year compared to the overall market. Once you're satisfied with the stocks and weights, you can add details for your smallcase – picture, title, overview – and buy it right away, or you can save your smallcase for afterwards.

Is making a small case worth it?

To summarise, smallcase makes investing simpler than searching for and selecting individual securities. Better access to expertly investigated stock baskets based on a variety of themes is a huge plus. However, it is the investor's responsibility to understand enough just to avoid overcharging due to ridiculous expectations and to be aware of the implications involved.

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