What are advantages of Opening Demat and Trading account with Paytm Money?

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There are plenty of advantages in choosing Paytm Money to open a Demat account and trading account with the stock broker. Some of the advantages include robust trading applications with web integration, 190+ banks supported for an easy transaction, net banking facilities, a low brokerage fee of 20 rupees, etc.

Detailed Answer

Paytm Money is one of the latest additions to the list of stock brokers in the country; through its automated services of providing its features with no delay, it's aiming to serve an extensive array of customers nationwide. With its fully automated recommendation engine and unique feature at its disposal, there are some advantages of using the stock broker. Check it out.

Advantages of opening Demat & Trading Account with Paytm Money

  1. Intraday charges are relatively low. It might be one of the lowest brokerage fee charged by a stock broker capped at 10 rupees per trade.
  1. Paytm Money offers explicit levels of security when it comes to safeguarding your data and information. If you have used Paytm, then you know the level of security it provides.
  1. Researching the history of stock prices is made easier. Investors can now check the varying prices of a share with a few clicks of the button.
  1. Brokering of shares today can be delivered the next with no additional cost or fines.
  1. Notifications can be kept to know the various stock price deflections, and they can be kept for 50 different stocks. The smart search option helps in finding the relevant stock that you might be willing to invest in.
  1. Irrespective of the number of lots that might be kept for the intraday and futures segment, the brokerage fee charged by Paytm Money is capped at 20 rupees.
  1. Investors and traders can now choose to invest in mutual funds and national pension schemes as well. It's where uses can create a wealth option for their retirement. It's along with the stock and derivative trading options.
  1. Traditional features such as cover orders and bracket orders are also available.
  1. Advanced charts for those looking into the details of trading can now be accessed through Paytm Money.
  1. Paytm Money offers a calculator to calculate the return on an investment after all the brokerage charges are the breakeven charges. It helps enable you to decide whether or not to invest.
  1. Purchases and selling of stocks and shares can be automated, thanks to its automation recommendation engine built into the platform. Its where users can easily preload the parameters of buying stocks on a weekly or monthly basis. Once entered, the platform does the rest.
  1. There are market watchlists, onboarding trading online, and other such features for traders and investors looking to make every investment count.
  1. The investment made in mutual funds carries no additional charges. Users can even switch from regular to direct funds.

From the given positives that the stock broker brings along, it's quite useful for users entering the world of trading. It's a well-built platform with broad recognition of what Paytm has to offer. Choosing the broker for all essential trading services will help out gratefully and no disappoint. Only that it's a fairly new stock broker and might take substantial amount of time to establish a stronghold in the industry.

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