Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

In Canada, you can start multiple types of business with 20k in hand. It can be investment, food deliveries, bookstores, thrift shops, and what not.

Yes, you can use TurboTax for free. Unfortunately, the free version only covers simple returns and basic features. For remaining you must have a paid account.

In Canada, you will find many easy-to-use Tax Software like Turbo Tax, WealthSimple Tax, and H&R Block, etc. Discover the easiest tax software to use in Canada. Explore features, details of tax software for Canadians to file their returns easily.

Accounting software are an essential part of any business. Wave Financial is the most widely used accounting software in Canada. Read about its features offered, pricing and other relevant information below.

Toronto Stock Exchange or TSX is the major stock exchange based in Ontario, Canada. TSX remains closed on weekends on Saturday and Sunday.

Wealthica offers three plans- The basic (free), Unlimited Connect ($50/year), and Premium Unlimited ($150/year). You can choose any plan based on your needs.

Tradingview being an online market screening platform, requires a broker that will help the investors to execute the deals and track orders too.

Yes, Canada offers a lot of financial services to the new immigrants. Credit cards are one of them. Although the type of Credit card may vary based on requirements like credit history and the immigration status of the person.

Questrade is a Canadian brokerage company. Questrade offers Extended Hours trading to its users where users can trade before and after market hours.

Questrade User ID is a unique code issued to an account. An individual can find their Questrade user ID from the methods described below.

Day trading is buying and selling shares actively within the same trading day. Disnat Direct trading platform is well suited for day traders.

CI Direct Investing as an organisation is safe as it is a member of CIPF and IIROC. However, your investments are exposed to volatility risk, market risk, concentration risk etc.

"CI" in CI Direct Investing is the abbreviation of "Canada's investments". CI Direct Investing formerly known as Wealthbar is the robot advisory platform wing of CI Financial.

CI Direct Investing, which is a famous portfolio management company in Canada, is fully owned by CI Financial Corporation. The acquisition took place in May 2020.