What are Questrade Extended Hours?

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Short Answer

Questrade is a Canadian brokerage company. Questrade offers Extended Hours trading to its users where users can trade before and after market hours.

Detailed Answer

Questrade is a major discount broker based in Canada which is in business in the Canadian market for the last 22 years and manages assets of about $30 billion. It is regulated properly by Investing Industry Regulatory of Canada (IIROC) and the Canada Investors Protection Fund (CIPF). Questrade provides a feature of Extended hours to its users, which allows them to trade according to convenience.

For Canadian Markets, pre-market trading is not available whereas the service of post-market trading is available from 4:15 PM to 5:00 PM ET. For US Markets, pre-market trading hours are from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM ET and post-market hours are from 4 PM to 5:30 PM ET.

Important points on Questrade Extended Hours:

  1. Advantage of Making Quick Actions: Questrade Extended hours allows its users to take an extra advantage of trading in after hours. This feature allows investors to act to overnight events like breaking news, or if any company releases an earning statement which may affect stock prices spontaneously.

By having the ability to trade during extra hours than usual. So, Questrade users can act accordingly and adjust their investments based on the latest market info at extended intervals.

  1. Time Flexibility: The main advantage of Questrade Extended Hours is increased flexibility. It caters to investors who are unable to trade during regular market hours due to work or other commitments. By extending the trading window, Questrade allows individuals to manage their invested capital at a time according to their schedule. This feature can be mainly useful for those individuals who are busy during the market timings with day jobs or who trade and invest through different time zones across the world.
  1. More Liquidity: This feature of Extended hours trading can provide high liquidity in the stocks. In regular trading hours, sometimes there may be limited volume in the market. During extended hours in Questrade, however, the availability of buyers and sellers can be higher due to flexibility.

This improved liquidity can be advantageous for investors looking to execute trades with minimal impact on the stock's price. However, it can also result in one being overwhelmed during the extended hours and can lead to one losing capital.

Questrade Extended Hours - Benefits & Risks

Extended Hours trading also has associated risks. Events like news releases or earning statements releases directly affects the extended hours trading and can cause undesired outcomes as well.

Hence, investors and traders should put special attention to precautions and should consider potential risks between being involved in it.

Questrade extended hours provide facility of convenience and can also be used to identify upcoming opportunities. Investors can make informed decisions and make the most of Questrade's Extended Hours feature to their advantage for trading and investing.

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