Which brokers are available on TradingView?

Short Answer

TradingView is a stock analysis platform. You can link your brokerage account from your TradingView account if you have an account with any of the brokerage companies listed below. So, it allows you to integrate your brokerage account to their platform to perform transactions directly.

Detailed Answer

TradingView supports different brokers and allows integration with brokers to allow you to trade and analyse from the same platform.

The Following brokers are available on TradingView:

  • ActivTrades - Budget-friendly fees and easy deposit and withdrawal processes.
  • Ally Invest - Industry-level pricing, extensive trading utilities, beginner-friendly trading platform.
  • Alor - Excellent customer support facilities.
  • Alpaca - Insured investments and assured compensations.  
  • AMP - Especially for futures trading.
  • Binance - Best and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange.
  • BingX - Specialised in crypto trading.
  • Bitstamp - One of the safest platforms for crypto.
  • BlackBull Markets - Best in range pricing, professional services for experienced customers.
  • Capital.com - Excellent Educational resources and customer education.
  • City Index - Especially for trading in Forex with low fees.
  • Currency.com -Minimum deposit requirement is fairly low.
  • Dhan - User-friendly interface and easy to use.
  • Dorman Trading - Low trading fees.
  • easyMarkets - High leverage support
  • Eightcap - Preferred for options trading. Allows scalping and hedging
  • Finanzen.net- Broker with zero fees, in collaboration with a German bank
  • FOREX.com - Beginners-friendly and better market research.
  • FXCM - Simple and user-friendly account opening process.
  • FXOpen - 100% Transparency and also provides auto-trading services.
  • Gemini - Suitable for different levels of experienced individuals. More than 90 crypto coins are supported.
  • Global Prime - Industry standard trading fees.
  • iBroker - Excellent mobile app and customer support.
  • Interactive Brokers - A large number of tradable assets and securities, extensive trading platform.
  • Info Yatirim - Best in-class user experience.
  • IronBeam - One of the best brokers to trade in futures.
  • OANDA - Ideal choice for beginners, no minimum amount is required for account activation.
  • OKX -  One of the best user experiences, industry-standard fees and pricing.
  • Optimus Futures - Top-notch customer service and beginner friendly.
  • Osmanli Yatirim - Ideal for industry standard pricing and user experience.
  • Pepperstone - Awarded as the best TradingView broker, best for algorithmic traders.
  • Phillip Nova - 35+ years in business, provides different technical analysis tools.
  • Saxo - Client investments are secured and offer a simple yet powerful user experience.
  • Skilling - Supports algorithmic trading and offers extremely low execution times.
  • SpreadEX - Simplifies trading in different markets across the globe.
  • StoneX - Active in more than 170+ countries and has more than 300K active users.
  • Tickmill - Offers no-cost withdrawals and deposits and low-cost pricing. 
  • Timex - Does not require minimum balances and offers a fast account registration process.
  • TradeStation -  Awarded as the best broker on TradingView, offers powerful trading and analysis features.
  • Tradier - many educational resources and offers a clean user experience.
  • Tradovate - Commission-free trading in futures, ideal for experienced individuals. 
  • Velocity - Properly regulated by authorities and offers low-cost trading.
  • WH Selfinvest - Best in-class customer support and extensive trading tools.

TradingView Integration with Brokers:

  • TradingView supports a large number of brokerage services. You can connect your brokerage account from any one of the above-listed brokers to simplify trading and charting from one single platform.
  • This allows quick execution of trading-related decisions and also decreases the complexity of the whole process. Thus, the above-listed brokers are available to be linked with TradingView.
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Which is the best broker in TradingView?

TradingView is a popular analysis tool known for its powerful capabilities and potential. The best brokerage for TradingView in USA is Tradestation. The best brokerage for TradingView in Canada is Interactive Brokers. The best brokerage for TradingView in India is Dhan.

Can you trade on TradingView?

TradingView is one of the best technical analysis tool. But, can you trade directly through this stock screening and charting software? The answer is No!

You cannot trade directly on TradingView. TradingView supports trading from one of their supported stock brokers. The platform also offers virtual or paper trading. Let's get into some more details on this super-charting platform.

Is TradingView a stock broker?

No, TradingView is not a stock broker. You can only do Virtual Trading on TradingView's servers, connect your broker account for trading in real markets. TradingView is itself not a stock broker but you can use it with major stock brokers. Let's learn more about different functions of linking stock brokerage accounts on TradingView.

How to connect my account to TradingView?

TradingView supports broker integration through specific brokerage accounts. Learn how to connect your brokerage account to TradingView.

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Can I use TradingView for free?

TradingView offers a 30 days free trial. You can start with their Free Basic Plan to explore this interesting trading platform. In fact, TradingView is a high-end data analysis software, it's understandable even if it charges for its premium features.

What is better than TradingView?

TradingView is a web-based stock picker and screener designed for both novice and experienced brokers. It allows users to add different cloud-based charting methods of data analysis.

TrendSpider or TradingView - Which is better?

Both TradingView and TrendSpider have amazing features and tools to analyze the market. It depends on the user’s need and perspective about the suitability of both.

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