What is better than TradingView?

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TradingView is a web-based stock picker and screener designed for both novice and experienced brokers. It allows users to add different cloud-based charting methods of data analysis.

Detailed Answer

TradingView is a web-based stock picker and screener for novice and experienced engaged traders. It enables you to combine various cloud-based charting tools for data analysis. Moreover, this platform allows users to share and cooperate with other online market participants. However, tradingview also has its limit where it gets necessary to use some of its alternatives like MetaTrader5 or Robinhood.

Since everything has its shortcomings, the trading view is also not one without flaws. There are multiple charting software better than


What is the TradingView?

TradingView is a stock charting platform used by active traders and institutional investors to analyze financial investments.

Equities, currency markets, indices, forex, futures, bond funds, and even cryptocurrencies are examples of financial instruments.

TradingView graphs, in their most basic form, provide a high-level summary of an asset's results over a specified period. Each candlestick's open, high, low, and close prices are included.

What are some limitations to the trading view?

Although TradingView can be intimidating for newer market participants, those pressured by its vast array of tools, outstanding educational resources, and paper-trading accounts can help get started with just a little practice.

TradingView isn't an ultimate platform for asset comparison and research. Certain segments of the web platform are difficult to navigate or poorly organized. For instance, its Ideas portion is crammed with information, making it difficult to find what you're looking for.

What are some alternatives to TradingView?

Here are some useful software options to explore:

1. Altrady

It is a renowned trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Professional investors can link their crypto trading accounts to Altrady to easily sell and purchase bitcoin and altcoins on a unified platform. It includes the base scanner, which employs proprietary algorithms for automated market analysis and is a good alternative to the trading view.

2. TradeStation

With this award-winning trading software, you can trade stocks commission-free*. Get entry to over 2,000 commission-free* ETFs and the instruments you need to test your trading suggestions. Trade station has all of the tools you need to influence options and hundreds of options-specific educational opportunities. The best part about this software is that it can get used interchangeably with the trading view.


A multi-award-winning global company that provides cutting-edge currency alternatives to retail and commercial clients. The goal is to change the way the customers meet their monetary needs. Two transparent pricing structures display prices for 70 large and small currency pairs. Unlock real-time rates for all major currency pairs and up to 25 years of historical currency fluctuations for 38,000 forex pairs. Unlike the trading view, OANDA provides a wide range of pairs to trade from.

4. MetaTrader4

MetaTrader 4 is a currency trading platform that allows you to analyze the financial system and use expert advisors. MetaTrader 4 incorporates mobile trading, trading indicators, and the market to augment your forex trading understanding.

TradingView: Alternatives to Explore

As we saw, there are multiple competitors to the trading view. Since trading view also has its shortcomings, it is better to thoroughly research the above alternatives and choose the best platform that provides you with all those services that trading view can't.

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Can I use TradingView for free?

TradingView offers a 30 days free trial. You can start with their Free Basic Plan to explore this interesting trading platform. In fact, TradingView is a high-end data analysis software, it's understandable even if it charges for its premium features.

Can you trade on TradingView?

TradingView is one of the best technical analysis tool. But, can you trade directly through this stock screening and charting software? The answer is No!

You cannot trade directly on TradingView. TradingView supports trading from one of their supported stock brokers. The platform also offers virtual or paper trading. Let's get into some more details on this super-charting platform.

Is TradingView a stock broker?

No, TradingView is not a stock broker. You can only do Virtual Trading on TradingView's servers, connect your broker account for trading in real markets. TradingView is itself not a stock broker but you can use it with major stock brokers. Let's learn more about different functions of linking stock brokerage accounts on TradingView.

TrendSpider or TradingView - Which is better?

Both TradingView and TrendSpider have amazing features and tools to analyze the market. It depends on the user’s need and perspective about the suitability of both.

For whom is Investing.com useful?

Any person who is interested in the financial markets or is involved in it in some other way will be able to utilize Investing.com. The platform provides a range of features such as Market analysis, Live charts, breaking news, etc. This can be useful for new entrants as well as veteran participants of the financial markets.

Which is the best broker in TradingView?

TradingView is a popular analysis tool known for its powerful capabilities and potential. The best brokerage for TradingView in USA is Tradestation. The best brokerage for TradingView in Canada is Interactive Brokers. The best brokerage for TradingView in India is Dhan.

Can you use any broker in TradingView?

TradingView is a stock analysis and screening platform. It allows integration with only some specific brokers which supports trading through their terminal. Although, TradingView supports most of the well known brokerage companies. However, you cannot use any broker on their platform.

Which brokers are available on TradingView?

TradingView is a stock analysis platform. You can link your brokerage account from your TradingView account if you have an account with any of the brokerage companies listed below. So, it allows you to integrate your brokerage account to their platform to perform transactions directly.

Is TradingView Pro worth it ?

Is Trading Pro software worth it? Discover the potential benefits and drawbacks of using a professional trading software to aid in stock market investments. Factors to consider include cost, features, and user reviews to determine if the program is worth the investment for individual traders.

Can you trade stocks using Investing.com?

Although you cannot buy and sell actual stocks using Investing.com, you can sign in and create a demo account where you can buy build portfolios, and trade stocks in a virtual manner. There will be no real money involved but you can practice and gain skills before you start with actual money.