What is the Good Delta for Options?

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Option delta is a segregation under Option Greeks. Option Greeks are used by option traders to decide what kinds of threats their positions are subject to and how many of them are there.

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Meaning of Option delta:

Option delta is a metric that calculates how resistant an option's price (intrinsic value) is to shifts in the underlying's market value.

  • It is measured in terms of percentage.
  • It is one of the most important Option Greeks and is somewhat related to Gamma.
  • Delta can be both positive and Negative.
  • It will be from 0 to 1 for a call option* and -1 to 0 for a put option**.

*Call Option gives the right to the proprietor to buy the stock.

** Put Option gives the right to the proprietor to sell the stock.

  • The call option has this range because the primary asset will increase its price and so the price of call option will also increase.
  • The put option has this range because the security of the essential will increase, decreasing the price of put option.
  • Bullish strategies will have positive delta and Bearish strategies will have negative delta.
  • It is a major factor in the price structure used by option traders.
  • Delta overall serves various perks as it is universally adopted, is a price derivative and is also profitable of profits.
  • It is something which keeps fluctuating as it depends on factors such as maturity, unpredictability, and rates of interest.

Delta for options- Examples:

  • With some variables constant, if the Delta of a long-put option is negative 0.20 delta and the prime asset rises by $1, the option's price will decline by $0.20.
  • With some variables constant, if the Delta of a long-call option is 0.20 delta and the prime asset rises by $1, the option's price will surge by $0.20.
  • With some variables constant, if the Delta of a long-call option is 0.20 delta and the prime asset declines by $1, the option's price will also decline by $0.20.
  • With some variables constant, if the Delta of a long-put option is negative 0.20 delta and the prime asset reduces by $1, the option's price will surge by $0.20.


If we refer at a firm's ABC 1,425 call option that expires on the last Tuesday of March 2017, delta will demonstrate how the option price of this agreement shifts in relation to changes in ABC's spot price.

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