What are Paytm Money Brokerage Charges? Stock Trading

Short Answer

Paytm Money, an emerging stock broker offers a Demat trading account to investors and traders at a fairly reasonable cost. In reality, nothing comes free of cost, may it be brokerage services or any other for that matter, you'll be charged one way or the other. So, let's see what all charges you have to bear while trading through this stock broker in India.

Detailed Answer

So, here we have described in detail the charges of Paytm Money brokerage such as Intraday, Delivery, Derivatives (F&O), Commodities and Currency.

Paytm Money Brokerage Charges

1.Brokerage fee for equity delivery is Nil.

2.Equity Delivery is 0.05% of turnover or ₹10 whichever is lower.

3.For equity future and options brokerage charges is 0.05% of turnover or ₹10 whichever is lower.

4.For commodity options and currency F&O, brokerage charges are 0.05% of turnover or ₹10 whichever is lower.

5.For doing trading with Paytm money, a marginal amount of zero can be maintained. 

Paytm Money Other Charges:

Here the comprehensive review of other charges:

1.Exchange Turnover Charges is 0.00325% of turnover for NSE and 0.003% of turnover for BSE.

2.GST charged 18% on Brokerage and Exchange Turnover Charges. 

3.For Intraday Security Transaction Charges (STT) is 0.025% of turnover on sell orders. 

4.For Delivery Security Transaction Charges (STT) is 0.1% of turnover on buy and sell orders.

5.SEBI Turnover Fees is 0.0005% of turnover.

6.For Intraday Stamp Duty is 0.003% of turnover on buy orders. 

7.For Delivery, Stamp Duty is 0.015% of turnover on buy orders.

8.Trading Account AMC (Account Maintenance Charges) is Nil.

9.Pledging Charges is Rs. 32 (including the depository transaction charges)

10.DP (Depository participant) charges is Rs. 10/- per scrip per day

11.Payment Gateway ( Net Banking) is Rs. 10/-

12.Payment Gateway (UPI) fee is Nil.

All these charges are the very negligible amount so it does not affect profit or loss of trading. 

Paytm Money Exposure/Leverage

Paytm offer its customers with the following margin values:

1.The higher exposure offered by Paytm Money is in the category of Equity Intraday and i.e. up to 20x. 

2.The lower exposure offered by the Paytm Money is in the category of Currency Future and i.e up to 2x.

3.The other exposures offered by the Paytm money in different categories such as Equity Options up to 5x, Equity Delivery up to 4x, and Equity Futures up to 3x. 

If we compare the brokerage charges of Paytm Money with other full-service brokers like Angel Broking, ICICI Direct, Sharekhan etc., it's relatively lower. Even it is very competent in the category of discount brokers. 

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    Being a new player amongst the country's stockbrokers, Paytm Money is offering relatively lower brokerage charges compared to its competition. It's to lure in more users onto the platforms. However, it will need to improve the tools required for trading in the stock market. Its competition has already rolled out highly accurate tools to help its user base to have the best trading experience. let's wait and watch what Paytm has to offer for its customers.

    Paytm Money offer a very low brokerage fee. I have used many full service brokers before Paytm Money but Paytm Money is relatively a cheap option for me. They also charge various service charges such as payment gateway fee and all but they are also very reasonable.

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