What are Mutual funds serviced by Karvy? Complete list

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Karvy has gradually grown as one of the largest Mutual Fund RTA companies after being established in 1982. One of the main strengths of a Mutual Fund RTA is the facility to offer a wide range of Mutual Funds to the investors in one place.

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Karvy has been a reliable option for all types of investors looking for a perfect set of mutual funds. Here is the list of Mutual funds serviced by Karvy. The list contains most of the mutual funds serviced by Karvy. Any updates or new funds you know, do revert below.

Karvy provides the largest Register and Transfer Agent in India in the form of Karvy Computershare with its alliance partner Computershare from Australia.

The next section provides you with the complete list of Mutual funds serviced by Karvy to help you choose the right mutual fund according to your requirements and preferences. There is no surprise that Karvy serves more than 50% of the Asset Management Companies (AMCs) in India with assets growing past an impressive figure.

Mutual funds serviced by Karvy - Complete list

  1. Axis Mutual Fund
  1. Mirae Asset Mutual Fund
  1. IDBI Mutual Fund
  1. BOI AXA Mutual Fund
  1. Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund
  1. Sahara Mutual Fund
  1. Taurus Mutual Fund
  1. LIC Mutual Fund
  1. Peerless Mutual Fund
  1. Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund
  1. JM Financial Mutual Fund
  1. Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund
  1. Canara Robeco Mutual Fund
  1. DHFL Pramerica Mutual Fund
  1. INVESCO Mutual Fund
  1. Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund
  1. Essel Mutual Fund
  1. Edelweiss Mutual Fund
  1. Quantum Mutual Fund
  1. Principal Mutual Fund
  1. UTI Mutual Fund
  1. India Bulls Mutual Fund
  1. Reliance Mutual Fund

Investment in Mutual Funds are regulated by SEBI.

Mutual Funds: Need & Importance

There is no shortage of investment options in India, but mutual funds have evolved as the most attractive option for all types of investors.

Moreover, the strength of the mutual funds lies in their ability to provide a balanced investment option. You can look for a significant return on investment with a proper risk management.

Mutual Funds are managed by professionals that ensure that your money is invested in the right funds. Investment in Mutual Funds is bound by stringent regulations by SEBI to ensure complete transparency and protection to the investors.

The Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is the government body that was set up to protect the rights and the interests of the investors.

Mutual Funds comes with a variety of benefits. They provide a diverse portfolio to the investors by breaking down the investment in small sections and investing in multiple funds.

The choice of the funds depends on the risk bearing abilities and expected returns of the investor.

What do you think? Did I miss any mutual fund name that is serviced by Karvy? Do share your thoughts.

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Discussion (3)

    Karvy is a brokerage firm and deals with Mutual funds which is one of the best ways to invest your money. It is quite safe in its proceedings as the scams in Karvy are not directly related to the funds of an individual. They have a large based user platform and the base is mainly comprised of over 500 blue-chip companies.

    Karvy can be known as a middleman between the Mutual Fund managers and the ultimate investors. Mutual Funds cannot directly sell their product to any individual man, hence they need a Registrar who would allocate the Mutual Funds to the respective investors. Here Karvy plays an important role in servicing the Mutual Fund houses to sell their products.

    Karvy is a stockbroker highly associated with mutual funds offering a wide range of investment options such as debt mutual funds, hybrid mutual funds, equity mutual funds, and much more. Even figuring out the different types of mutual fund performance in the past six months, one year or three years can be easily availed.

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