What are best investment options for salaried person in India?

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For a salaried class, there are many places where investments done. Know the best investment options for salaried person in India. The best investment options for a salaried person are Gold investments, PPF account, national pension scheme, ELSS, and fixed deposits.

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As a salaried person, you tend to get confused while taking the right investing decision. A fixed salary, EPF, tax deducted(TDS) and monthly salary cheques/credits to your account, familiar terms for a salaried individual.

Now, the question is how to save and invest this salary income to generate future benefits?

A salaried person usually ponders over the best investment options available.

Best Investment Options for Salaried Person

Here are few long term investment options in India that came to my mind, which I would like to mention:

  1. PPF or Public Provident Fund: Who doesn't know this investment alternative? We all do, right. PPF fetches 8% p.a. interest for quarter Oct to Dec'18 and provides fixed income without any risk.
  1. NPS or National Pension Scheme: Another popular long term investment. Although, this doesn't give a fixed return, but still a common choice.
  1. Gold Investment: An all time favourite, we all love investing in gold, as and when we afford to do so.

Mutual Fund Investments: SIP or Systematic Investment Plan seems quite convenient since you can start investing a small amount regularly.

  1. ELSS or Equity Linked Saving Scheme: ELSS has a lock-in period of 3 years and tends to give you better returns. Although, there's no guarantee of higher returns, still a popular way to invest money in India.
  1. FD or Fixed Deposits (Recurring Deposits): A traditional way to invest money in India. FD is the simplest and the most common way to invest your earnings.

This is not "one fit all" solution. Individual needs and goals may vary. Similarly, there investment choices may vary as per their risk appetite.

Direct Stock market investing involves too many risks, so I won't call it the best option for a salaried person initially. Once a person grows in career and has excess savings he can explore new investment opportunities.

I have expressed my opinion, what do you think? Do you have any other best investment options to add to this list? Which is your favourite investment option in India? Any suggestions for a salaried person to get higher returns plus tax saving.

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Stock market seems to be a lucrative option. But, that's actually very risky. So, I also won't probably add direct stock investing as the best option for salaried individuals. Being a salaried person, one can try out other available investment options. Why take too much risk initially? If you have started a new job then go for safer options. Once you have a fairly good earning & can afford bigger risks then only try riskier options. If you still feel like exploring stock market, investing in mutual funds still seems to be a less riskier way. Mutual funds also have risks attached. But, if you plan and invest smaller amounts like SIP or Systematic Investment Plan, then you may place yourself in a much better position.

Hi, ULIP's are Unit Linked Insurance Plans which are publicized as combo offer of insurance and investments. Ideally, the two goals i.e. insurance and investments should be separated from each other. Insurance is risk coverage of mis-happening and investment is wealth creation. The two should be treated differently. If you are looking for insurance, Its better to get a term insurance and invest rest of the amount in Mutual Funds or any other saving instrument which you are comfortable with. Also Post Office Savings Schemes are good, they offer higher rate or return, but problem is accessing their services, which are not completely online.

Yes, PPF is one of the favourite investing alternatives in India. I have seen most of the salaried persons opting for PPF as a long term investment option. In fact, it's good for one's who don't want to take any risk and look for fixed returns only. Mutual funds & ELSS have some risk attached to them. So, we must firstly analyse our risk horizon before diving into any particular investment option.

Hi, I think PPF is no longer the best option. I know it's a safe option. But, check the past few quarters interest rates. The PPF interest rate has reduced so much. It used to be above 8.5% few years back. This came down to 7.1% also in the previous months. So, I don't think we can call it the best investment option for all. For people finding sage alternatives, this may prove good. But, for the ones looking for higher returns, you need to try different investing options like mutual funds & stocks. What do you think? Any feedback.

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