Is VectorVest Free to use?

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Short Answer

VectorVest is a global stock analytics platform that provides access to 4 different international markets. The platform offers various tools and features for stock analysis as well as investments. VectorVest is not completely free to use as you have to purchase a plan in order to gain access to the tools in the platform.

Detailed Answer

What is VectorVest?

VectorVest is a Global stock analytics platform that provides various tools and features to investors as well as traders. It’s available in four countries that include The U.S, U.K, Canada, and European Stock Markets. VectorVest provides various data points that not only advise you when to buy or sell but also what shares to buy. In this way, it provides intelligent investing guidance to new as well as seasoned investors.

Is VectorVest Free?

No, VectorVest is not Free to use. Although there are frequent offers using which you can get a 30-day trial of the platform for only 0.99$. The platform offers three different plans from which you can choose any one respective of your needs. The plans are:

1. Basic Plan

2. Enhanced Plan

3. Premium Plan

The Basic Plan is the cheapest plan on the platform that doesn't offer many features. It is available for $69 per month. All the market updates and Calls are provided at the End of The Day (EOD).

The Enhanced Plan offers much more features than the Basic Plan. It is available for $99 per month and provides a 15-minute streaming delay. Hence this plan cannot be used for intraday traders.

The Premium Plan is the best plan that the platform offers. It is available for $149 per month and provides all the tools and features available on the platform. It provides real-time data and all the necessary tools used by investors and traders.

Bottom Line

VectorVest is not a free platform but the Enhanced plan that is available for $99 per month offers the best value. If you are an investor or swing trader, this plan will be useful for you at the most economical rate. For elaborate analysis, the Premium plan can be used, which is available for $149 per month. It is better to try out the platform first, and then decide which plan to purchase.

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