How is VectorVest useful for stock traders?

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VectorVest is an international stocks analytics platform that gives you access to the stock markets of four different countries. The platform provides various facilities such as stock recommendations, timing indicators, and many other trading tools that can be used by equity and derivatives traders. Some of the trading tools such as WatchDog, AutoTimer, etc can be used by stock traders to simplify their trading experience.

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What is VectorVest?

VectorVest is a stock analytics and portfolio management platform that helps traders and investors with their trading and investments. VectorVest also provides numerous powerful tools that can be used by traders to generate some money on a day-to-day basis. The platform relies on complex mathematical formulas to facilitate its buy and sell signals along with other market-related calls.

How is VectorVest useful for stock traders?

VectorVest is not only a stock analytics platform that enables you to analyze companies. It is an advisory, which informs you when to buy as per the market conditions and specifically which stocks to purchase. It provides these data so that you can make the maximum returns out of your capital.

VectorVest is also useful for stock traders. The reason being, the platform provides many trading tools which can be helpful for traders who trade equities to generate short-term profits. Some of the Trading Tools are as follows:

1. ProTrader7

ProTrader is a trading tool that has 28 trading search screens in build (18 long/10 short) within. By using this, you won't have to manually search and scroll through hundreds of companies, This tool will analyze all the stocks and provide a list of the top searches where you can execute your trades. You can simply enter a parameter and search for it, for example, Channels, Bollinger Bands, EMA crossover, RSI Crossover, etc.

2. WatchDog

WatchDog is a monitoring and alerting tool that monitors the price movement in stocks and alerts you when the set parameters are triggered. You can set your own set of parameters and it will notify you when the specified parameters are fulfilled. For example Support/Resistance break, etc.

3. AutoTimer

AutoTimer is a great tool for backtesting and executing trades. AutoTimer enables you to customize your trades with a single click after which it automatically backtests and notifies you of the most suitable time to execute the trade allows you to execute it with just one click.


By looking at the above tools it must be clear, how an equity trader can automate their trading process with the help of VectorVest. All these features are not free and cost extra. If you opt for the Premium plan which is priced at $ 149 per month you will get free access to all of the three tools. Apart from these, VectorVest has some other additional useful tools as well, such as RoboTrader, RealTime Derby, OptionsPro, etc which is useful for equity as well as derivatives traders as well.

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Is VectorVest Free to use?

VectorVest is a global stock analytics platform that provides access to 4 different international markets. The platform offers various tools and features for stock analysis as well as investments. VectorVest is not completely free to use as you have to purchase a plan in order to gain access to the tools in the platform.

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How to use VectorVest to make money?

VectorVest is a stock advisory and market analytics platform that provides many tools and facilities to investors as well as traders. There are many tools available on the Platform like WatchDog, ProTrader, etc, that can be used by you to earn money on a regular basis.

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