For whom is useful?

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Any person who is interested in the financial markets or is involved in it in some other way will be able to utilize The platform provides a range of features such as Market analysis, Live charts, breaking news, etc. This can be useful for new entrants as well as veteran participants of the financial markets.

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Uses of Investing. Com

Investing. com is an online financial platform that offers many features which you can use. It is an International platform that allows you to analyze stocks, bonds, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and many other assets, even from abroad countries.

Some of the key features of the platform are.

1. Market Analysis has a broad range of market analysis tools. It provides you with the direct feed of the world markets. It not only provides the most recent changes in stock markets but also provides the data on other assets like cryptos, commodities, etc.

2. Charts

Investing. com provides an array of charts and charting tools for all the assets that it present on the platform. You can perform technical analysis on a wide range of charts including Candlestick, Heikinashi, Bar, etc. The charts are directly powered by Trading View hence you don’t have to worry about its accuracy.

3. Stocks, ETF Screener

The platform also provides a range of technical analysis tools using which you can analyze the finances of the companies and filter stocks. You can perform fundamental analysis on companies as well as ETFs using Investing. com.

4.Breaking News

The platform provides the latest financial news related to anything that can affect the financial markets. This feature is also useful as it allows you to stay updated with the actions around the world.

Apart from these, there are many other features available on the platform such as Broker analysis, Holiday calendar, Technical Analysis, Live market data, and much more.

Who will find it useful?

Any Individual who wants to enter the market or is already invested in the markets will find it useful. New entrants in the financial markets can also utilize this platform. There is a feature where you can create virtual portfolios and add or sell stocks from them without any real money. In this way, new investors can get a hang of the stock markets.

Traders who trade Stocks, Cryptos, Derivatives, etc can use the platform to get charts and technical analysis tools for free. Utilizing them you can gain a better sense of the market without paying any extra fees.

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Can you trade options using is a great platform for traders as it provides many technical and charting tools that are beneficial for traders as well as technical analysts. As Investing. com is not a stockbroker, hence you cannot place trades directly from the application or website. In order to place a trade, you need to have a trading account with a stockbroker.

Is Free to use?

Investing. com is Free to use but in the free version, there are many ads that appear frequently. There is an ad-free version of where you won't be disturbed by ads. Know the charges to get the ad-free version here.

Can you filter Global stocks using is a comprehensive platform where you can do a range of things including Technical & Fundamental analysis. The platform also offers you all the latest and relevant news to the finance world. Here you can easily screen and analyze global stocks of any country from across the world.

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Although you cannot buy and sell actual stocks using, you can sign in and create a demo account where you can buy build portfolios, and trade stocks in a virtual manner. There will be no real money involved but you can practice and gain skills before you start with actual money.

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CapitalCube provides three different plans for you to choose from including a free plan. The Basic Plan is a free plan that offers only 3-4 features. The Premium plan is the best plan for investors/traders which provides most of the features. Know more about the details and pricing of these plans.

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