Is Stoxkart safe and reliable for Stock Trading & Investing?

Last Updated: 04-Feb-2021

Short Answer

Stoxkart is a safe and reliable brokerage house in India. Stoxkart is a SEBI registered broker and depository participant of CDSL to offer Demat account opening services to its clientele base.

Detailed Answer

Stoxkart being a part of a large group of SMC global securities private Ltd., a reputed diversified financial organization can be considered a safe stockbroker. It has no regulatory violations reported till now and also has a low client complaint ratio as compared to their respective competitors. 

It is a member of NSE, BSE and MCX and all the transactions of the firm are regularly monitored by SEBI and stock exchanges. They offer investment and trading services across equity, derivatives, commodity, currency, mutual funds, IPOs, government securities, bonds, and corporate FDs.

The stockbroker was established with the key motive to making trade easy and cheap in term terms of cost, support and technology. To achieve the same, it empowers a community of investors and traders through sharing its market expertise, robust trading platform, new-age technology and zero brokerage benefits. 

Stoxkart Trading Platforms

Stocxkart provides modern age trading platforms to their users which are:

1.Stoxkart Pro: Mobile Based Application

2.Stoxkart Classic app: Mobile Based Trading Platform

3.Stoxkart Pro Web: Online Trading Platform

4.Stoxkart desktop trading software

**5.StoxMF: **Mutual Fund Investment Platform

Key Facts About Stoxkart Trading Platform

The following are the key facts about Stoxkart you should know: 

1.It's a part of the SMC global securities private Ltd., a reputed financial service provider company with 30+ years of experience.

2.Online discount broker offering flat-fee brokerage plans to residents as well as NRIs. 

3.Provides a good online trading platform.

4.Charges Zero brokerage fee for equity delivery. 

5.A flat brokerage charged for all the segments is Rs. 15 per order. 

6.If your trade is not in profit then intraday brokerage is Zero.

7.Offer brokerage-free online mutual fund investment platform.

8.With CO/BO, offers up to 25x leverage in intraday trading.

9.It is best suitable for experienced traders. 

Stoxkart Benefits

There are various benefits of the broking platform Stoxkart:

1.The brokerage charges are one of the lowest in industry.

2.It has an attractive feature that brokerage is to be paid only if you earn a profit. 

3.Offers research-based advice to their clients.

4.A Real-Time support team.

5.Easy account opening process.

6.Provide exposure in Intraday.

Stoxkart is a broker who has put a great impression over the community of investors and traders which speaks about its brand value and positioning. It is safer because of its reputed parent company, simple pricing model, no client securities in its own pooled account and has lower complaints to active clients ratio.

Rest, you can share your experiences to let our readers know better about Stoxkart or any other stock brokers in India.

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Stoxkart is not well known among the traders and they are very new in this field. Till now, the account opening and benefits looks promising and reliable enough.

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