Is Wisdom Capital Good, Safe & Reliable Broker for Stock Trading and Investing?

Short Answer

Yes, Wisdom Capital is good, safe, and reliable for all stock trading and investing options. However, weighing in on the lack of trading options and the unjustified charges imposed, it is a cause of worry. But other than this, the broker is reliable enough to execute a trade from the platform.

Detailed Answer

Wisdom Capital is a stock broker company that provides discount trading services in the domains of futures and options, commodities and currency on the NSE, NCDEX, BSE, and MCX. Through any of its trading platforms, investing and trading for the domains of metals such as silver, gold, diamonds can be traded exclusively without bothering much over safety protocols. In addition to the same, investors/traders can invest in commodities, agriculture products, and non-agricultural products.

Moreover, the stockbroker provides automated traded tools were investing, and trading is automated from the NSE and BSE. The tools offered are live data mapping chart display, and more. But to avail of such services, there is a small fee capped on, or you can get it through any of your plans.

Wisdom Capital: Types of Plans Offered

Follwing are the types of plans offered by the stock broker:

1. Pro Plan

The plan is targeted towards professionals that are looking for higher margins in intraday for vailing greater profits. The charge is capped at 9 rupees per trade or 0.05% of the total trade executed.

2. Freedom Plan

It’s the most basic plan that is offered by the company. Not all the features are included, but the base minimum of trading options is provided with the plan. However, the brokerage charges might be a bit high when compared to others.

  1. Ultimate plan

For those that have a tremendous amount of intraday transactions, the plan is perfect for them. The brokerage fee is capped at 15 rupees per lot traded or 0.005% of the trade executed.

Reliability and Safety of Wisdom Capital

In the sense of reliability, customers can reach out to the broker via mail, call, or live chat, which can be executed through the website. Three software tools can be used, offering different features as per your needs. Moreover, an automated and semi-automated trading scheme helps make your trading affairs far more reliable.

The broker also entertains depository services. There are single ledgers to encapsulate all your commodities, currency, and trading options. Also, beginners' guides in trading from the platform make an excellent and reliable stock broker. Coming down to safety and the broker implies state-of-the-art technology to safeguard all data and trading activities for a stress-free experience.

Benefits of Using Capital Wisdom

  1. The company is quite confident in what it has to offer that it has a 100-day challenge where you should come out profitable within 100 days of continuous trading through the platform.
  1. There is a broad range of brokerage plans to choose from where the fee is lesser; however, the services and features offered are also altered accordingly.
  1. There is an unlimited leverage cap on exchanges being carried out.
  1. The broker doesn’t charge any account opening fee and the transacting charges are relatively low comparatively.

Cons of Wisdom Capital

  1. The broker doesn’t offer trading in the domains of FPO, IPO, NCD’s, mutual funds, OFS, and FD’s.
  1. The biggest let down would be the 550 rupees per month charged for the semi-automated features it offers for trading.

Do you think Wisdom Capital is a safe, reliable and good stock broker? Or, you have a better experience with another broker? Do share your valuable feedback.

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    Hi, Is Wisdom Capital really good? Has anyone used it personally? I heard and read different views about them recently. I read about a user who didn't have a pleasant experience with them. They squared off his position at 12:30 pm while he informed that he'll do it before 3.20 pm by himself. As a result, he had to bear a loss since the price of shares he bought had gone down. I am really worried, if that happens to me. I am a salaried person and put my extra savings in stocks. So, should I continue stock investing? Any opinions on it.

    Hi, I personally prefer Zerodha platform as compared to any other stock broker in India. They have good customer support, many new apps & features to offer with latest technology to ease out things. another one 5paisa also that has gained popularity. You can check Zerodha vs 5paisa to get a better view of it. Also, Zerodha seems to be a safe & reliable stock broker to me. I have been using it for years and I am quite comfortable using its services.

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