Is ProRealTime free?

Short Answer

Yes, you can get free access to ProRealTime only if you make an account on this platform. Otherwise, its paid subscriptions start from $37.45/month.

Detailed Answer

ProRealTime continuously lowers its rate and offers discounts to its users. This platform is comparatively more expensive than others in the market. Irrespective of that it has made a very vast user base worldwide.

The free plan will only offer you some services and you might wanna upgrade it for better features. One thing you must know is that all its paid plans allow access to only the stock market and cryptocurrencies. If you need wider access then you have to pay extra.

Pricing Plans of ProRealTime

There are basically two paid plans provided by ProRealTime and one free plan. Here is all you need to know about them.

1. Free Plan

The free version of ProRealTime is ideal for beginners or users who don’t want to invest in any platform right away. This plan covers all the basic features like historical data, a few charting tools, and some automation features. But it is restricted to only end-of-day trading practices.

So, you will have to upgrade if you are more into intra-day trading. Although it is easy to open a free account. All you have to do is sign up and create your account.

2. Intra-Day Plan

The next one is the Intra-Day Plan. It is also called the “Complete Software License Plan”. It is prepaid and you can choose it for either six months or twelve months. You will also receive loyalty rewards like real-time data updates without stoppage for around 37 months.

This plan starts from $25.58/month. Keep checking the prices on their website as they change frequently. You can cancel it anytime, and complete flexibility is provided to every user at all times.

3. Premium Plan

The last and the most extensive plan of ProRealTime is the Premium Plan. You will get a premium software license with lots of monthly benefits. It starts from $68.31/month. You are free to cancel anytime and add/remove any service you want.

Loyalty benefits are also a part of the Premium Plan. Uninterrupted real-time data is provided for 37 months along with 30% off.

Thus, you can access ProRealTime for free or if you need more features and services you can easily upgrade your plan.

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