How to add money to Zerodha using UPI?

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Adding Funds to Zerodha online is an extremely straightforward process. There are two methods by which you can transfer money to your Zerodha account. They are UPI and Net banking. Adding funds using the UPI method is more convenient. Know the details.

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Adding money to Zerodha is an easy process and could through done in various like UPI and Net banking. The most convenient and simple to add money to Zerodha is by using UPI.

Before initiating a transaction there are some points that should consider:

  1. Your account must be in an active state in order to add money to your account.
  1. You must have completed the KYC in Zerodha and your bank must be authorized to make electronic payments through UPI.
  1. The final point is to ensure you have maintain a sufficient balance in your account in order for the transaction to get completed successfully.

Let’s see how to add money to Zerodha using UPI:

  1. Login to your Zerodha account using any web browser or mobile application by entering your credentials (ID & password).
  1. Go to the “Funds” section which is situated on the top right corner of the web browser. After clicking on that you will get the details regarding your Cash Balance and available margin.
  1. To add funds, click on the “Add Funds” button in Green on the extreme right corner of the screen.
  1. A separate window will open post clicking on “Add Funds”, here you have to choose the “Amount”, “Segment”, equity or commodities, account (If you have multiple accounts linked), and the payment method. (UPI or Net Banking).
  1. After filling in all the relevant details click on continue. Within 1-2 minutes, you will receive a notification from your UPI application on your mobile application to accept the payment. Enter your Pin in the UPI application and the process will be completed.

The process of transferring money from your bank to your Zerodha account barely takes 2-5 minutes and the funds will get reflected immediately after a successful transaction.


The process of adding Funds to your Zerodha account is completely free. Zerodha charges “Zero” rupees for fund transfers using the UPI method. Although your bank might charge a fee depending on the number of UPI transactions that you have done in that particular week or month. Some banks may charge a fee after 10 or 20 UPI transactions per month. This depends on every bank and type of account so remember to check this from your respective banks.


Adding funds to your Zerodha account using UPI is the most convenient method of transferring money. There are no charges levied by Zerodha which makes it even more economical. The only drawback to this method is that there is an upper limit of Rs 1 Lakh per day in UPI. This depends on banks and some banks have lower limits. Therefore this method may not be suitable when you want to transfer more than 1 Lakh in one day. For this, the Net banking option comes into the picture.

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Zerodha is the India's biggest stockbroker and was founded in the year 2010. Presently, it has more than 5 million users. It offers various services such as mutual funds, bond trading, currency, etc. It is also supports up to 15% of everyday retail transactions on Indian stock exchanges

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