How to apply IPO in Zerodha? Buy IPO Online

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If you are a Zerodha customer, you can apply for IPO online through Zerodha Console (Zerodha Back-office). The process for applying an IPO process has been explained in detail above. Here are few other answers to important queries that you may want to learn.

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IPO Application Process through Zerodha

You can easily apply for an IPO with Zerodha by following a simple process:

  1. Create a UPI ID.
  1. Login on Zerodha Kite, and open Console.
  1. Select Portfolio <IPO>
  1. Choose IPO from the list, apply and enter your UPI alongwith quantity and price.
  1. Then simply submit you IPO application.
  1. Wait for the mandate notification that you'll recive within few hours. Approve it and here you go! You have successfully applied for IPO with Zerodha.

What are the Charges for applying to IPO via Zerodha?

Zerodha doesn't charge any additional amount for issuing IPOs. As they don't charge any brokerage for equities, buying and selling of IPOs are also free of charge. Only the required government taxes paid have to be paid.

Can an application once submitted be withdrawn?

The applications can be modified or completely deleted through the IPO window on Zerodha that operates from 10 am to 5 pm. If you choose to change your bid, a new mandate shall be issued.

I did not receive the mandate after clicking submit. Why?

It usually takes a few hours for the mandate to reach you, since it is the initial stage. If even after 24 hours you do not receive a notification, contact Zerodha support or call them on the helpline number to know the issue.

How to find my IPO mandate on Google Pay?

If you have used Google Pay as a BHIM application to apply for IPO, open Google Pay<Setting<One-time-mandates. You can accept the mandate here by entering the 6-digit UPI pin.

How are bids placed in an IPO application?

You can place your bids on the Zerodha Kite console while registering for an IPO. You can place a maximum of 3 bids on one IPO application. For instance, if the price range of an IPO is 90-100 your first bid can be 10 shares at Rs.91, second as 50 shares for Rs.95, and third at the cut-off value.

What is ASBA?

ASBA simply stands for Applications Supported by Blocked Amount. It a process developed by SEBI for applying to IPOs, Rights Issue and FPOs. In this, the amount is not debited from the customer's bank account until the shares are not allotted to them. ASBA has the authority to block sufficient money in the customer's bank account that would be required to subscribe to the IPO if allotted.

Note: you can only apply via the ASBA route if you are a retail investor and the application value is less than 2 lac.

Can I add money using debit or credit cards?

No, Zerodha does not take fund transfers from debit or credit cards for transferring into your Demat account.

How can I check the status of my IPO?

To check the status of your IPO, you need to visit the website of the IPO registrar and provide your PAN card number. You cannot access the status from Zerodha's website.

What is the cut-off IPO price in Zerodha?

A cutoff price is one that is decided by the issuer company based on the demand for its shares. A customer can apply directly to the cutoff price instead of placing bids on different amounts. In this case, the investor will get the shares according to the cut-off price in other categories.

The payment status is showing \awaited execution\ after I accepted the mandate and made the payment. What do I do?

The \awaited execution\ implies that the mandate has been submitted. If the allotment is made to you, it will either get executed or revoked if you don't get the allotment.

For any other queries, you can contact Zerodha support on their website or you can discuss and share your feedback here.

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    Thank you for explaining the steps in detail. I was a little bit confused but everything is clear now.

Related FAQs

How many IPO applications can I submit through online net banking from one bank account?

There are about 5 IPO applications that can submit through online net banking from one bank account. However, the number can change immensely from one bank to another.

Can we apply for an IPO online on Sunday?

Yes, you can apply for an IPO application on Sunday as well but through an online application. But, you need to keep few points in mind before doing that.

Can I apply in an IPO through multiple applications on same name?

No, a person cannot apply for a single IPO more than ones. There are strict rules and regulations followed in this matter. However, his/her family members can apply for the IPO under their name provided they have a demat account and PAN number.

Can I apply more than one IPO application in my name from different saving bank accounts in same bank or different banks?

Only one PAN card can be used for one application. No matter how many different savings account details you might utilize, if there is the same PAN number in more than two applications, then all of them would be revoked.

Can I apply an IPO application in the name of Minor or HUF?

Yes, you can apply for an IPO application under a minor or HUF's name, provided they have different PAN card numbers. Minors can open a Demat account with their parent’s PAN Card and bank account.

What are the basic requirements to apply in an IPO using the ASBA process?

ASBA or Application Supported by Blocked Amount is an alternative payment method to apply or bid for an IPO. However, it is currently available to only the Retail Individual Investors and you also need to fulfill certain requirements for the same.

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How to buy Sovereign Gold Bond online with Zerodha?

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How to Check IPO allotment in Zerodha?

There are many ways to check the IPO allotment status but Zerodha doesn't provide this facility on their website. To check the allotment status you can visit the website of the registrar of the IPO, for example, Link Intime, Karvy. With the help of a PAN number, you can easily check the status.

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