Is ProRealTime worth it?

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Short Answer

Yes, ProRealTime has many beneficial features that can help traders make an effective trading strategy and analyze financial assets at the same time.

Detailed Answer

ProRealTime comes with some really advanced level technical features that can be used for better trading. The data and information it provides comes from direct stock exchanges like NYSE, NASDAQ, and many more. Thus, the reliability quotient increases.

It also serves as a powerful tool for making quick and accurate strategic decisions via its decision-making tool. Whether you are a professional trader or an unprofessional one, you can use it easily as the interface is very user-centric.

Advantages of Using ProRealTime

There are so many advantages of using ProRealTime, that make it totally worth it. Here are some of them.

1. Charting & Analytical Tools

This platform has more than 100 technical indicators and spreads. You can also customize these indicators as per your needs. These charting tools and analysis tools are extremely helpful in doing technical analysis of assets and stocks.

2. Reliable Market Information

The best part of using ProRealTime is that it fetches data from all reliable sources. Such sources are the official trading exchanges of different countries like NASDAQ, NYSE, and many more. Because of this you can stay assured that the prices are accurate and reliable.

3. Access to Historical Data with Simple Backtesting

The extensive historical database of this platform is invaluable in doing backtesting and making the right strategies. This data relates to intra-day trading and end-of-day trading. You can easily evaluate and analyze your previous strategies and check if they can be used in present conditions.

4. Automatic Trade Alerts

Automatic trade notification modules are useful for getting real-time updates on any changes in the price and volume of securities. With this platform, you get access to this service. It will help you make decisions like holding, selling, and buying the stocks.

Thus, ProRealTime is quite a friendly and worthwhile trading software with over 825,000+ users worldwide.

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