How do I get Alice Blue ALI on Ant Plus?

Short Answer

Alice Blue API is a secret confidential key that allows users to map their accounts between algorithyms and their Trading accounts to trade on different platforms. The steps to complete the process is mentioned below.

Detailed Answer

What is Alice Blue API-?

Alice Blue API is a confidential key that allows the user to establish a connection between the algorithms and Alice Blue’s Trading account to get real-time price updates and to place orders.

How do I get Alice Blue ALI on Ant Plus?

To get Alice Blue API on Ant Plus the following steps have to be followed-

  1. Ensure, you have an active Alice Blue account.
  1. To get the Alice Blue API one has to contact Alice blue customer service by mailing at or by simply calling the Customer support number and request for your API.
  1. Once you request your Alice Blue API you will receive the details through Mail within 72 hours for free.
  1. Once you get your API, open ANT Plus, Login into the Demo Testing section with your Client Secret and KEY Authorization.
  1. Get the Callback URL mapping completed which will be done automatically.
  1. Then you can start Trading from your Unique Portal.

In this way, you can get Alice Blue API to use it to trade on Ant Plus.

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