Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

While it is legal for international students to invest in cryptocurrencies in Canada, but they should be informed of the local financial rules and legislation. Like with any investment option considered, it's necessary to do your research and know the consequences before deciding

Yes, you can buy, sell, and trade bitcoin in any province in Canada. The Canadian government has recognised cryptocurrencies as a valid investment asset, unlike other nations where governmental authorities have forbidden them. However, bitcoin is not a legal cash that you can use. In Canada, the Canadian Dollar or CAD is the official currency.

Wondering, if Bitcoin Mining is legal in Canada. Here's your quick answer! Yes, it is legal to mine, buy, sell, and trade bitcoin in any province in Canada.

The metaverse is a blockchain-based virtual simulation universe where one can play various characters and perform any tasks. To take exposure in this space, you can invest in Metaverse cryptocurrencies, Virtual lands, NFTs, and stocks related to the metaverse.

There are more than 20,000 cryptocurrencies in existence and dozens of blockchain platforms that exist. That's a massive increase in the year 2022 from just a handful of digital coins we used to have in 2013.

No, crypto tokens are not the same as crypto coins. While crypto tokens convey the asset or deeds, a cryptocurrency coin is the digital representation of the underlying value, which may be disputed.

The precise cost of creating a crypto token is difficult to estimate. However, the cost of creating a crypto token will be between $8k and $10k, including the crypto token wallet mobile software for Android and IOS.

ERC-20 is among the most important Ethereum tokens. ERC-20 has popped up as the particular standard; it is used for token execution in all blockchain networks on the Ethereum blockchain and offers a system of regulations that all Ethereum-based tokens must obey.

When it comes to crypto trading there is no preferred time frame to trade. Since the market is open 24 hours the traders can trade according to their convenience and when they feel it's the right time to take up a position.

As a user of MultiChain technology, you can create Permissioned Blockchain which can be used inside an organization to facilitate monetary operations.

A full-fledged Multichain system can handle up to 1,000 operations per second. It provides developers with a simple API and control interface to help them set up and maintain the chain.

Mining 1 bitcoin can be accomplished in 10-15 minutes if you have the updated hardware and software, making the whole process smoother. However, if you are hard-pressed on cash and can't afford a high-end system, the process will take about 30 days.

Fan tokens are a virtual currency that entitles owners to many fan-related benefits and perks such as voting on club judgments, prizes, apparel designs, and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Yes, cryptocurrency can be converted into cash. Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile digital currency whose price fluctuates dramatically. It is, however, quite simple to incorporate it into cash.

But, before doing so, specific things must be understood so that the true value of the currency is not forgotten when cryptocurrency is converted into cash.

No, crypto is not real money. Cryptocurrency is a type of virtual cash that is based on software. When you buy cryptocurrency, you are buying a virtual currency that is based on an algorithm.

It is virtual money in the form of tokens. Based on current market worth, your token represents a particular amount of cryptocurrency that you own.

Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin's unnamed creator, was the first-ever miner. Satoshi is thought to have mined over 22,000 blocks and obtained over one million bitcoin in accumulated block rewards for his efforts. As a result, Satoshi is thought to have the largest bitcoin repository, totaling more than 1 million BTC.

Crypto coins and tokens are digital assets that have few similarities and many differences. A token constitutes what you owns while a coin signifies what you are capable of owning. Let's get deeper into these two interesting crypto concepts.

NFT exchanges represent the middlemen which connect a buyer of an NFT to the seller. There are some key points that you should consider while selecting a good NFT exchange. They are, Knowing about the Transaction and Platform Fees, Ensuring adequate liquidity and volume, provision of authentication and verification of sellers and buyers, as well as additional features to its users.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations or DAOs are decentralized digital companies where one can invest and get extremely returns. You will need a cryptocurrency wallet, the required cryptocurrencies to invest in a DAO. As they are built on smart contracts, the chances of a loss of capital are low, however, there are other risks involved in the process.

Decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs are digital organizations that do not have a managing individual, instead, all the members of the corporation own and manage the operations. DAOs work on smart contracts with the help of the blockchain which makes them automated, transparent, tamper-proof, and provide equal validation to all the members.

NFTs are digital assets that derive their value from the total supply, scarcity, ownership history, and usability. Some of the most expensive NFTs include 'The Merge' which was sold for a whopping $91.8 million. However, NFTs in common are extremely risky investments hence you should only allocate a small percentage of your overall portfolio towards them.