Is US stock market open on Saturday and Sunday?

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Short Answer

The US Stock market operates during the weekdays and remains closed on Weekends i.e. Sunday and Saturday. It means stock trading doesn't happen in the entire week.

Detailed Answer

The US stock markets- NYSE & NASDAQ are open Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM ET. On Saturday and Sunday, the market remains closed. But apart from that, the market remains closed for several different times.

These times are usually the public holidays, Thanksgiving, Easter, New Year, etc. You might be wondering what happens if the holiday falls on the weekend.

If such a case arises, the day before the weekend i.e. Friday is declared a holiday and the market remains closed.

The market is also accessible in different countries like India, Canada, Brazil etc. The opening and closing times will vary as per the time zone.

For example: In India, the stock market opens from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. But since the time zone of India and the US varies by almost 9.5 hours. Thus, NYSE and NASDAQ will be accessible at night time.

When will the Stock Market be closed?

The US stock market including the Bond market will remain closed on the following dates in 2023 from September to December. Do keep in mind that every weekend it doesn’t operate.

  • 4th September, Monday- Labor Day
  • 9th October, Monday- Columbus Day (It is only for the US Bond Market)
  • 23rd November, Thursday- Thanksgiving Day
  • 25th December, Monday- Christmas Day

You can check the SIFMA website for the dates on which the market is closed. These dates and holidays might change, so keep checking the schedule regularly.

Early Closures

In case Independence Day, Christmas Eve, or Black Friday falls on a Sunday, the NYSE and NASDAQ close early the day before. The opening time is 9:30 AM but it closes at 1:30 PM, ET.

The same concept applies to the Bond market. SIFMA releases the schedule and revises every time is there is some change.

Therefore, the US stock market is closed on Saturdays and Sundays i.e. the weekends. If you want to do stock trading then market is open Mon-Fri.

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