Which is best Canadian Stock Screener like Finviz?

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Like FinViz, TradingView is another popular stock screening platform. It is loaded with all the necessary stock screening filters. Apart from the number of screening features, it offers a easy-to-use platform and also alternatives like paper trading, etc.

Detailed Answer

A stock screener and a charting platform play a vital role for day traders and investors in researching their future moves in the market.

There are various stock screeners present for screening stocks in the Canadian markets and for the Toronto Stock Exchange. Finviz is a popular stock screener which has the most features. Like Finviz, TradingView is another international stock screening and charting platform used in various parts of the world.

TradingView and its features:

TradingView is the primary stock screener and charting platform for most traders and investors. It offers its users most of the features from basic chart overviews to professional tools required to study charts in depth. Some of the features of TradingView which are essential for a stock screener are:

  • Simplified user interface: TradingView provides a seamless user experience because of the design of the interface. The stock screener tab is placed at a primary location making it handy to use. All the charting tools are placed in the left panel for easy access by the user.
  • Advanced Options: Tradingview provides advanced screening of stocks as it supports over 110+ stock screening filters allowing the users to filter the required stocks properly. By applying such largely precise screening tools, the need of the user is more likely to be fulfilled.
  • Allows linking of broker accounts: TradingView provides the facility of connecting the broker account directly to the stock screener and hence simplifies the overall process of buying and selling securities for the users. The users with demat accounts with various brokers like Interactive Brokers, Dhan, BingX, etc can link their broker accounts directly to the screener and can execute orders from the same panel.
  • Paper trading: Trading View provides free paper trading services to all of its users. Paper trading is the same as mock trading where real money is not involved. It helps the user practice and apply the concepts.
  • Saving stock screens: TradingView also provides the feature of saving the stock screen filters with their value, which were used in screening the stocks. The user can easily save all the filters with their values, of a particular screen if it needs to be done frequently, hence saving time.

Hence, TradingView seems to be one of the popular stock screeners for Canadian markets just like Finviz. Do you wish to share any other Canadian stock screener? Feel free to add in comments.

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I have always wanted to use a stock screening platform but was confused which one. TradingView is a great option for beginners because it is simple and easy to interpret.

Stock Screeners are essential for every trader. Used TradingView after reading this article and it is absolutely amazing! Simple user interface and loaded with features!

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