How to buy Vanguard ETF in Canada?

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Are you planning to buy Vanguard ETF in Canada? You can open an account with the trading platform of your choice, that offers Vanguard and start investing.

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Vanguard Canada: An overview

Vanguard is a well established investment management company that was started more than 45 years ago by John C.Bogle. It set its first footprints in Canada in the year 2011. Since then, there was no looking back. Vanguard started out with just 6 ETFs listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange.

In 2015, its Canadian ETFs asset under management reached the 1 billion Canadian dollar mark. In 2015, it grew to 25 ETFs with an asset value of six billion Canadian dollars. In 2016, there were 4 more ETFs and three more billions. In 2020, it launched an all-in-one ETFs that offers active management and a portfolio within the ETFs that suits every investor type.

How to buy Vanguard ETF Canada?

  1. Open a brokerage account with your desired service provider.
  1. If you are a pro in trading, you can choose a self-directing platform with Questrade, Interactive brokers, Wealthsimple or the ones backed by the big five banks.
  • Based on your objective of investment, select the type of investment account you wish to open. In Canada, you have choice such as Tax-free savings account, registered retirement savings plan, registered education savings plan, personal account etc.
  • It is important that you hold the amount you would like to invest plus an additional sum to cover investment expenses in your trading account. Link the newly established trading account with your bank account and complete the transfer of funds.
  • Search the name of the ETF or the ticker
  • Select the buy option
  • Pick the number of units you would like to purchase, based on the price of the ETF and the funds you have
  • Check for real time quotes that will offer you the latest details of your investment option. It generally has information of the current price, change in price, last traded price, ticker name etc.,
  • You can choose from market order, limit order, stop order or a stop limit order.
  • Review the selected options before you head to completion of the process.
  • Once the purchase is executed, you will be notified. It is important that you take note of your order number for the future.
  1. If you are a novice, you can opt for a robo-advisor platform with Wealthsimple, Questrade, Justwealth etc.,
  • Open a robo advisor trading account
  • Complete the questionnaire and the robot will automatically invest your funds in an ETF that deems it the best choice for your goals.
  • If you require manual interference, you can also approach a financial advisor, who can manage your money based on your financial plans.

Who are Vanguard’s competitors in Canada?

Although Vanguard is one of the top-rated wealth management companies, its alternatives in Canada are:

  • iShares
  • Horizons and
  • BMO

Buying Vanguard ETF Canada

Vanguard has grown leaps and bounds in Canada since the day it was launched, by offering quality ETFs at a competitive price. In 2018, it also released four new mutual funds that have now grown to six.

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