How to start Day Trading in Canada?

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Starting with day trading seems very difficult and full of risks. However, if done properly governed by proper rules and by acquiring proper knowledge, with time it is one of the brightest careers for an individual. Let's learn a bit on Day Trading in Canada.

Detailed Answer

Day trading is an activity that involves buying and selling securities within a trading day which are listed on a particular stock exchange. In this process, the profit made can be kept by the individual, after some minor deductions like taxes and brokerage by the person who made those transactions.

A day trader's job is to study the markets and the chart patterns and to formulate a way of making profits in between the up and down movement of prices. There are two ways to make money from day trading:

Steps to Start Day Trading in Canada

  • Firstly, the trader can buy the security or stock at a lower price and can sell it at a higher amount for profit.
  • Secondly, the trader can sell the stock when the stock price is high and can buy back it when the price drops down for profit.

Steps for an Individual to Start Day Trading in Canada:

  1. The individual has to get a brokerage and trading account opened and active with a broker registered with the Toronto Stock Exchange(TSX). It can be done by placing an online request on the company's website.
  1. After opening a trading account, the person should learn the basic terminology and prerequisites of stock trading which include the following:
  • various charts in different time frames and the concept of upward and downward trendlines.
  • support and resistance levels of the particular chart and what are the dynamics of the particular security when they break out these levels.
  • various important chart patterns and their related price action and placing stop-loss during trades.
  1. Learn to use a professional stock screener and charting platform like Finviz or Tradingview.
  1. Learn various technical indicators which are available in the particular stock screener like Moving Averages (MA), Relative Strength Index(RSI), etc. They help in generating buy and sell signals according to the strategy used by the day trader.
  1. The person should keep the account capital size as 100 times the desired amount in a single day. if a trader has a daily target of $1, the account size for the day should be a minimum of $100.

Day Trading in Canada:

Day trading is a skill which is mastered over a period of time. However, the trader should practice and stick to only one tested strategy and master that particular strategy initially. Every person who chooses day trading as an occupation has to devote proper time and energy to be successful in the field. What trading tips do you have? Do share with our readers.

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