What are NFTs and how do they work?

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NFTs or Non-Fungible tokens represent digital forms of unique data in the form of photos, videos, or audio that are saved on the blockchain network. This provides proof of ownership and bragging rights to the owner of the NFT. These can be traded or sold to other individuals, and the transaction can be verified, as the blockchain is a public ledger.

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What are NFTs?

Going by the name, an NFT is a Non-Fungible Token.

And it is perfectly fine if you didn’t understand the full form of NFT, so let me explain it to you in simple terms. The term Non-fungible basically means that the object you hold as an NFT is unique in its own way, and cannot be copied or replaced by anything else. For example, a 100-rupee currency note is fungible, because if I take 100 rupees from you and give two, 50 rupees notes to you, it will be the same. Similarly, a painting or precious artwork is not fungible. Because if you split an artwork (for example painting of Monalisa) into two halves, will it be the same?

NFTs can be in the form of digital artwork (photos), videos, audio, and more.

These NFTs are registered online on the blockchain network so that anyone can verify the present owner of an article. Each NFT also has the transaction history of buyers and sellers attached with it so that if you want to check its previous owners, you can do that easily.

How do they work?

NFTs utilize the network of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Cardano, etc to get themselves registered on the blockchain network. Once it is registered, it will possess a string of unique characters which remains its identity.

For example, the way every product that is manufactured in a company is labeled with a Bar code, description and serial number. Similarly, NFTs also contain a unique code which is its proof of existence on the blockchain. You can sell it or trade it for other cryptocurrencies once the NFT is registered on the blockchain.

NFTs are not only limited to photos or videos but many games and other platforms use various other articles like Classified documents, Videos, Films, etc in the form of NFTs. This is because of the underlying security of the blockchain which makes it immutable and prevents it from getting hacked.

What is the purpose of NFTs?

The primary purpose of NFTs is to verify a piece of artwork and map its owner to it. An NFT also ensures that the underlying is digitally secure on the blockchain.

As a creator, you can upload your artwork online, in the form of NFTs to either sell them or just to preserve them. The presence on the blockchain will not only allow you to claim ownership of the article but also brag about its ownership rights.

For example, proving the ownership of a piece of paper can be difficult, as there is a slight possibility that it can be forged, copied, or stolen. But if the same contents were converted as an NFT, you can easily claim ownership of the piece of paper by your wallet address that houses it.

Likewise, a buyer can collect different artworks in the form of NFTs and support the seller of the artwork at the same time.

jack twitter nft.jpg

Some of the most popular NFTs include the First Tweet of Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter), which was sold for $2.5 million.

Some other famous NFTs include CryptoPunks, Bored Ape, Nyan Cat, and many more.

NFTs are not only nice artworks but also can have an underlying value underneath them. For example, an NFT of the Bored Ape Club gives its owner access to prestigious and exclusive events that are conducted only for the members of the club. Similarly, NFTs are not only in the form of photos but also can be in other forms. Parcels of lands in the metaverse are also sold as NFTs.


Even with the uncertainties on regulation related to cryptocurrencies, NFT adoption is growing at an astronomical rate. From a mere $340 million in total sales in the year 2020, the combined value of NFT sales in 2021 has crossed $25 billion. With such a rise in popularity, numerous creators are launching their NFTs. Big multinational companies like Pepsi, Nike, Adidas, have all launched their NFTs recently. But not all NFTs have value. Therefore, you should evaluate the true intrinsic value of a particular NFT before you consider investing in it.

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