What habits help save Money effectively?

Short Answer

We can start saving a lot by changing some of our habits. In fact, good habits can help us contribute small amounts regularly to our saving and investment plans.

Detailed Answer

Spending habits greatly affect whether you will become rich or increasingly poor. Over the past 5 years, I've maintained these good spending habits and it really helped me save a lot.

  1. I buy things I need instead of I want. Before I go shopping, I'll make a list of things to buy and point to places where the item is sold. This helps me limit unnecessary purchases and save time on shopping
  1. I record what I spend as detailed as possible so that by the end of the month, I can adjust my spending for the next month.
  1. I always set a fixed budget each month and try to target within the budget set earlier
  1. I use the financial management app to maintain these 3 habits. You can refer to this app. App has many features, easy to use. The free version has all the basic features. Those who need more features can upgrade to the Premium version.
  1. Every month, I will make a spending plan to avoid indiscriminate spending
  1. Before buying something, I usually check the prices and compare prices at different places to buy the best prices.
  1. I often buy promotional goods, especially on the big sale occasion of the year. It saved me a fair amount of money to spend on other things.

How do you save money? Share your ideas and feedback.

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