What is Blockchain? Benefits and Utilities

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Blockchain is a method of recording data in a way that makes it hard or impossible to modify, hack, or copy the system. A blockchain is actually an online ledger of transactions that are copied and spread across the whole network of computer systems on the blockchain.

Detailed Answer

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a pretty complicated and confusing piece of technology but it actually boils down to something really really simple. If you want to keep a list of stuff but maybe you don't trust the person keeping that list then blockchain is a way for a bunch of people to keep a shared list where nobody trusts the other and the way that works is with some fancy math and some cryptography. That means that records in that list cannot be tampered with without invalidating the whole list.

Also, that list can be kind of copied and duplicated. So, a copy of it can be held by everybody in the system and that means you might be able to tamper with your list but you can do that with everybody else's. So what does that actually mean? Well, one example of a list is a bank account. The bank account, of course, is just a list of transactions a list of what people have what money. If one of the first uses of the blockchain, of course, was Bitcoin which is a virtual form of money.

The way that blockchain helps enable that is by having that distributed list of transactions. For example, you know you can cut and paste an image on your computer or forward an email and duplicate stuff but it wouldn't be right if you could just duplicate money right? Blockchain gives us something quite weird which is something digital that can't really be copied without breaking the whole system.

Benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain offers numerous benefits as well. Some of them are as follows.

Better Transparency

Transparency is a matter of concern for modern organizations especially those organizations where monetary transactions are involved. By using blockchain, any organization can go for a total decentralized system, which can improve transparency.

Better Security

Blockchain is not only transparent but also offers enhanced security features. It uses advanced security features compared to other platforms or record-keeping systems.

As each transaction needs to be agreed upon according to the consent of the customer, blockchain is more secure than any other technology. Moreover, each transaction is encrypted and has a decent link to the past transaction through hashing method.


Currently, various businesses spend a lot of their money to manage their present system or need to pay money to several 3rd party vendors to manage or improve current processes. Blockchain can cut these costs and increase speed and efficiency at the same time.

Utilities of Blockchain

Blockchain has several uses as well. It has uses in smart contract creation, cloud storage, Electronic Voting, or in managing various financial transactions securely One such use is given below. Blockchain also helps in increasing the trust among all stakeholders.

For example, every year nonprofits spend close to fifty billion dollars on financial transaction fees alone. Leaders in the sector realized that cryptocurrency has the potential to solve this problem. You have to face that today charities had a big trust issue.

For donors, it is very important to know how their funds are spent. They want to be sure that their donations are correctly used and they want to see the results.

Each donation gets registered in the blockchain which is impossible to modify. A donor can view the donation history at any point until it reaches the objective. This can help you to improve public confidence towards any Non-Profit Organization.


So this is all about Blockchain, its benefits, and utilities. If you have any other questions related to blockchain, then comment down your query below.

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