What are the basic requirements to apply in an IPO using the ASBA process?

Last Updated: 07-Mar-2021

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ASBA or Application Supported by Blocked Amount is an alternative payment method to apply or bid for an IPO. However, it is currently available to only the Retail Individual Investors and you also need to fulfill certain requirements for the same.

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ASBA Process is an alternative payment method that makes the listing and refund process efficient for the investors. But do you know what are the basic requirements to apply in an IPO using the ASBA process? If you are looking to find the answer for the same, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the basic requirements to apply in an IPO using the ASBA process. Let us get it started.

Basic Requirements to apply in an IPO using ASBA process

Below you can find some of the basic requirements to apply for an IPO through the ASBA payment method.

  1. Currency, retail individual investors can opt for the ASBA payment method to apply or bid for an IPO.
  1. The investor's bank should be a Self Certified Syndicate Bank, also known as SCSBs. The list containing the name of all the SCSBs are present in the official website of SEBI.
  1. Retail individual investors can bid at the cut-off price. Once they submit their bids they can't undo or modify them. Investors are only allowed to withdraw their application before the final allotment.
  1. The total bid amount or the applicable amount for an IPO will remain locked until the final allotment is complete. Investors cannot withdraw their money in this lock-in period.

Hence, ASBA is currently available for the retail individual investors. To apply or bid for an IPO through this alternative payment method requires you to have bank account with one of the Self Certified Syndicate Bank, also known as SCSBs.

ASBA to apply in IPO

So these are some of the basic requirements to apply in an IPO using the ASBA process. It is important to understand all these requirements well before making any bid by using the ASBA payment method. If you any other queries related to the ASBA payment method of IPO application, then feel free to get in touch with us and ask your doubts in the comment section down below.

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