How many stock exchanges are there in USA?

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Short Answer

There are currently 13 US stock exchanges, 12 of which are run by Intercontinental Exchange Inc's ICE.N NYSE, Nasdaq Inc NDAQ.O, and Cboe Global Markets CBOE.Z. While IEX Group runs the only independent exchange.

Detailed Answer

US Stock Exchanges

Stock exchanges can serve as a measure of the health of the national economy, and can also be a key indicator of world economic strength.

Talking about United States of America, Stock exchange is a marketplaces wherein you can trade in US financial securities, commodities, derivatives, and other financial instruments.

Formerly, traders and brokers would gather in a stock exchange facility to trade stocks. But, nowadays, most financial trading is done online and automatically.

Nevertheless, each exchange has certain listing requirements for businesses that want to participate. Basic standards for stock exchanges include regular financial reporting, audited results, and low capital needs.

Major Stock Exchanges in the U.S.

The two major U.S. financial securities markets are the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq.

1. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) was established in the year 1790. See how old it is!

The New York Stock Exchange and a European stock exchange called Euronext joined in April 2007 to create what is today known as NYSE Euronext. Also owned by NYSE Euronext is NYSE Arca (formerly the Pacific Exchange).

A corporation needs 400 owners and 1.1 million outstanding shares in order to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The exchange's edifice is also visible from Wall Street in New York City. However, more than 80% of trading currently takes place online.

2. American Stock Exchange (AMEX)

Another well-known stock exchange, the American Stock Exchange was acquired by NYSE Euronext in 2008 and is now known as NYSE Amex Equities.

According to trading volume, it is the third-largest stock market in the country. Mostly small and microcap companies are listed on the AMEX. It's a great place to discover some of the newest startups.

3. National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (Nasdaq)

Unlike AMEX, Nasdaq is the largest electronic screen-based market.

It was established by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) in 1971 and is well-liked by traders and investors. This is because, when compared to the New York Stock Exchange, it has a more advanced computerized system.

It now has lower listing fees than the NYSE. In fact, some of the biggest firms are listed there, including the tech behemoths like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Other US Stock Exchanges

  1. Boston Stock Exchange (BSE)
  1. Cboe Options Exchange (Cboe)
  1. Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)
  1. Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)
  1. Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX)
  1. International Securities Exchange (ISE)
  1. Miami Stock Exchange (MS4X)
  1. National Stock Exchange (NSX)
  1. Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX)

This is the list of Stock Exchanges in the United States of America. What do you think about trading in the securities market? Do share you views.

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