Is ThinkorSwim available in Canada?

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Short Answer

TD Direct Investing has re-enabled the ability for new Canadian customers to sign up for Thinkorswim platform. So, now you can open an account with a requirement of minimum deposit of $25,000 USD. You can find Thinkorswim as a top-of-your game-traders platform on their official site.

Earlier, ThinkorSwim was not available to Canadian users for sometime. TD-Direct Investing, which was providing the platform to its users had replaced it with another trading platform known as Advanced Dashboard.

But, now Canadian citizens who have a TD account can access ThinkorSwim. In order to get ThinkorSwim, you need to have a TD Ameritrade account which is a U.S based broker.

Detailed Answer

What is ThinkorSwim?

ThinkorSwim is a trading platform that provides many charting and trading tools for investors as well as traders. The platform is available on mobile as well as on desktop, hence users can utilize it more efficiently on multiple devices.

ThinkorSwim is a platform, provided by TD Ameritrade. TD Ameritrade is a U.S based broker that was recently acquired by, the finance giant Charles Schwab. The broker works on a ‘zero commission’ based model. Under this platform, you don’t have to pay any commissions on your trades, no platform fee or any data charges, etc. You can trade stocks, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), Options, etc without paying anything extra in commissions. Let’s find out if you can use it in Canada.

Is ThinkorSwim available in Canada?

ThinkorSwim was not available in Canada for sometime. However, TD Ameritrade, which provides the platform to all its users has re-enabled it for Canadian investors.

NOTE: TD Direct Investing has re-enabled the ability for new customers to sign up for the Thinkorswim platform. But, you can do so with the a minimum deposit of $25,000 USD (Equity + Cash balance for trading Options). They website has also been updated to include Thinkorswim as an additional trading platform option.

Bottom line

If you have a TD Ameritrade account or you have a U.S. passport, then you can go ahead and access ThinkorSwim through TD Ameritrade. On the other hand, Canadian citizens can directly get access to the platform as it has been re-enabled by TD Ameritrade. So, if you wish to trade in US stocks and options, this could be your choice. You can find Thinkorswim as a top-of-your game-traders platform on their official site.

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Canadians can get real ThinkorSwim accounts. Unfortunately, you can’t trade, as these are technical accounts, but you can use it as the main platform for selecting (search) for shares or options. And send orders through the platform from your broker.

In US you just have to put $50 to get started with Thinkorswim. Many people just use it for charting and not for executing orders. Asking for 25k on the Canadian side is strange.

ThinkorSwim is available in Canada through TD-Direct Investing (TD Ameritrade). TD has re-activated this service. But, you need to have 25k USD account to set it up. That's big money! Wondering how many people actually go for it? Not in my budget!

Yes, Think or Swim is available through TD Canada Trust - TD Direct Investing with a 25k USD Account.

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