Is opening a demat account free in India?

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Yes opening a Demat account in India might be free with some brokers but not all. Apart from the opening charges, a Demat account is not completely free. You will have to pay an Annual Maintenance charge or Demat fee, every year.

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What is a Demat Account and why is it needed?

A Demat account is an account that holds your securities like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. In a similar way you keep money in your bank account, a Demat account is used to keep your shares safely. Without a Demat account, you cannot buy and sell shares or trade them.

Is Demat account free to open?

Most brokers do not impose an opening fee you from but it doesn't mean you don’t have to pay the other charges. There are primarily two types of brokers, Discount Brokers, and Full-Service Brokers. Opening an account with a Discount broker is mostly inexpensive or sometimes free. On the other hand, Full-service brokers charge a higher fee, when compared to discount brokers. While opening an account there are mainly two types of charges which you have to pay, they are.

1. Account Opening charges: Most brokers do not charge any account opening charges, which means you can open an account for free. However, you might have to pay recurring charges like account Maintenance and Demat charges every year.

2. Annual Charges: As you have seen, some brokers do not take any account opening charges in the beginning but almost every broker charges an annual recurring fee in the form of Demat Charges and Annual Maintainence charges. These charges have to be paid by you no matter you use your account or not.


By now, you might have observed that although you can open a Demat account for free, it is not completely free altogether.

Some of the bank-based brokers charge even higher account opening fees and annual maintenance fees which make them quite expensive. Also, many brokers offer a demat account for free for the first year.

Therefore it is best to choose a good discount broker to pay the least amount of charges in the future. You also have to look for the brokerage structure of the brokers as discount brokers tend to charge a lower rate of brokerage on trades when compared to full-service or bank-based brokers.

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How much money is required to open a Demat account in India?

Many Indian brokers allow you to open your Demat account for free, whereas some charge a nominal fee of Rs 200 to Rs 500. Although there are some recurring charges that you have to bear such as annual maintenance charges, Demat charges, etc.

Can I open 2 demat accounts with different stock brokers?

You can open more than one demat account as long as you open them with separate depository participants. It is completely legal to own multiple demat accounts but you cannot have more than one account with a stockbroker.

Can we open demat and trading account without Aadhaar card in India?

Yes, you can open a trading and Demat account without an Aadhaar card but it's not possible to do that in the online method. To open your account without an Aadhaar card, you will have to visit the broker's branch and complete the process there.

Which is the best stock broker for beginners in India?

Discount brokers have gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years. Zerodha is currently India's largest and most trusted discount broker which is also the best option for beginners. It has all the necessary qualities required for a good broker like low commissions, low-maintenance charges, high-quality trading terminal, etc.

Can I open 2 demat accounts with the same bank account?

Absolutely, you can open two or more demat accounts with one single bank account. You can, later on, add other bank accounts to your demat account as per your requirements.

Can I do stock trading in India without a broker?

To buy and sell stocks in the Indian stock market, you will need a demat and trading account. A stockbroker is necessary to trade stocks because the broker will provide the trading account through which you will place your trades.

Is Aadhaar mandatory for demat account in India?

Absolutely, your Aadhaar card is mandatory to open a Demat account online. Although if you want to open your account without providing Aadhaar, then you'll have to do it through the offline method. Consequently, you will require a valid Aadhaar card to complete your Demat application process

Can non-US citizens open a brokerage account with a US broker?

Non-U.S citizens cannot directly open an account with a U.S based broker as they would not possess the necessary documents, required to open an account with a U.S broker. But there are many U.S based international brokers like 'Interactive Brokers', etc, who allow users from multiple countries to open an account with them. Using that account you can easily gain access to the U.S markets.

What are documents required for Demat account opening online in India?

To open a demat account, users will require a filled applciation, Aadhar card, PAN card, address proof, photographs, bank statement, and income proof.

Can NRI invest in Indian stock market?

Yes, NRIs can invest in Indian stock market. It is essential for the individual to check if he is considered as NRI or not according to the norms of the government. If yes, only then he can invest. There are also certain rules and regulations that must be followed.