If you had one crore rupees, which stocks would you recommend investing in?

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Short Answer

There are many stocks of companies that could be invested in. For example, companies doing good in the FMCG sector, Healthcare sector, Banking sector, Consumer product sector could be invested in. these are just a few as plenty other companies could be invested in based on your requirements and strategy for investing.

Detailed Answer

The stock market is packed with opportunities to make money, provided you know what you’re doing. To even make a considerable profit, you need even bigger investment. However, here we are speaking about one crore rupees. It’s not a small sum but does help exponentially kickstart your investing desire, provided you know the ins and outs of the stock market.

With that being said, if you had one crore rupees, and you are looking to invest in the stock market specifically, then you would have to determine the type of stocks that you’re going to buy. These include small-cap stocks, large-cap stocks, dividend-oriented stocks, penny stocks, and others. You would have to determine the timing and when you want to invest, and for how long and the profits, you expect in that period.

No doubt, everyone wants to book profits, but then it comes down to your investments and the places where you’re looking to make them.

Which are the Best Stocks to Invest?

Hence, for the same reason, we have some of the sectors in which you can diversify your one-crore investment.

1. Consumer products –

These are televisions, air conditioning units, cables, and other products supplied to the consumers. Hence investing in this sector could prove profitable in the long run as the demand should increase with newer products and their growing demand. Investing 30% into this sector is viable.

2. FMCG –

Almost all FMCG companies like Britannia, Unilever, Nestle are quite established and offer a considerable return over a longer period. Moreover, the demand for goods that are essentially used daily is ever-growing. Hence, investing another 30% into this sector is viable.

3. Healthcare –

There are always greater chances for the healthcare sector to boom and gain exposure to an uptrend in their value. Constant innovations and newer practices are being made to improve human lines, and companies such as Pfizer, Fortis, Abbott India could be taken as potential investments. 20% should suffice for the total one crore investment.

4. Banking –

The sector is highly volatile considering that they can provide huge profits and similar losses, but the losses are frequent and adverse. Big players like HDFC, ICICI do sport a good amount of traction in terms of gains. Hence another 20% in this sector should suffice for your investment.

Note: These investment options are made completely because the country has no pandemic or any other situation affecting the growth of companies.

The above-given companies and the sectors are merely speculating the market and the gains that one might receive if they were to invest in them as of today. However, other large market cap companies such as RELIANCE, ITC, ADANI, JUBILANT, ASIAN PAINTS, INFOSYS, TCS, and many others do offer greater growth.

It all comes down to the sector that you’re interested in and which of them have a greater chance of growing in recent times. You can either go along with your investments or keep rotating your portfolio based on the trends projected in the market.

What do you think? Which are the best sectors to invest right now? Which stocks would you recommend to invest keeping in mind the current scenario and changes?

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the best solution would be to invest in mutual funds. You don't have to do anything and leave it to them to invest your money. However, if you want to invest it by yourself, get ready to research extensively while diversifying your portfolio into major market sectors offering consistent growth throughout the years.

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