What is the best way to get 15% p.a. return on investment?

Last Updated: 10-Mar-2021

Short Answer

There are multiple avenues through which a 15% p.a. return on investment can be made. These are through equity, mutual funds, fixed deposits, government bonds, and schemes, etc.

Detailed Answer

Getting 15% p.a. return on investment can never be availed if you were to invest in one particular stream. All your investments would have to be diversified to create a portfolio to track down all the investments made and make certain changes to get the 15% every year. Now let’s consider that you have a minimum amount that you are planning to get 15% of it, then there are few ways to fetch you that margin. Check it out.

Best way to get 15% p.a. on your investment

1. Direct equity

Buying a part of a company from the stock market can prove beneficial because the company is growing, causing your investments to multiply. Thus, choose the equity of your choice and buy ample shares to fetch significant returns.

2. Real estate

If you have enough cash for any investment purpose, then you could invest it in real estate. If you’re looking for a 15% p.a. return, you could lease out the building or site to other people and enjoy hefty returns based on the land and location dimensions.

3. Gold

Owning gold and trading with gold is another avenue that could fetch you considerable returns. You could trade in gold through the stock exchange and invest in ETFs to get broader margins on your investments.

4. Equity mutual funds

These are cumulative equity funds where your investment would be invested in several companies. The returns could vary significantly based on your investment and the status of the stock market. Moreover, with equity, the higher the purchase, the greater the chances to have any returns whatsoever.

5. Debt mutual funds

These are other mutual funds where they invest in low-risk investment schemes such as government bonds, treasury bills, corporate bonds, and other avenues. The return on investment might not be met, but it’s a low risk yet the steady return on investment.

6. PPF

Another great avenue for making a suitable investment is through PPF or public provident fund. These are 15-year lock-in periods where there are quarterly pay-outs made by the government of India.

7. FD

If you want an average interest every month for the money you have invested, then banks are another investment place. You can open up an FD or fixed deposit and get a steady income based on the amount of money you might have invested.

Do note that the above-given ways might vary greatly from the amount of investment you are willing to make. The greater the investment, the more likely you are going to get greater returns. With every investment, there are risks. Do consult with your financial advisor about the same before investing in any avenue. What other ways can you think to achieve 15% return on investment? Do share with us.

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15% is a huge number when it comes to generating returns from imvestments. Optional way of generating 15% return is an SIP in NIFTY50 for a large time-frame of 15 years or so. Stock Market has consistently grown over various folds since start and will continue to rise if not influenced by other factors!

There are plenty of options that can provide you 15% return. Best way would be to diversify the portfolio and invest in some mutual funds.

For beginners, it is always best to invest in mutual fund or a portfolio of mutual funds. It reaps good returns whilst being managed by fund managers. It is also liquid unlike a real estate property.

Stocks would be a good option for 15% return but you need to have courage to muster the risk

Returns are directly proportional to the risk , if you are ready to take more return like investing in stocks then you can expect 15 or even more return . But if someone wants to play safe and want higher returns then he or she should diversify his or her investments .

If you have zero knowledge of investments, then choose any Bluechip fund and keep having a consistent SIP intact. it should give you 15%. But then if you know your way around trading, then you could trade in the stock market to get that much return.

Mutual funds and stocks are the only options that can help here.

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