Can you analyze stocks of any country using CapitalCube?

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Short Answer

CapitalCube is a global stock analysis platform where you can analyze any stock from any country your want. The platform provides numerous criteria for you to choose and analyze stocks. Not all the features on the platform are free hence in order to perform certain actions you will have to subscribe to a plan offered by CapitalCube.

Detailed Answer

How is CapitalCube useful?

CapitalCube is a stocks analytics platform that allows you to analyze international stocks. The platform provides fundamental research reports and other content for more than 50,000 stocks and ETFs all over the world. You can analyze and filter out stocks from any region and country of the world.

Is CapitalCube useful for analyzing stocks of any country?

By using CapitalCube, you can easily analyze any stock from any country. To analyze any stock there are two options.

  • To find out the stock by screening it through different filters.
  • If you already have a stock that you want to analyze, in that case, you can simply search the name of the stock and proceed with your analysis.

If you have to filter out the stock that you need then you can use the following steps,

  1. First, from the homepage, open ‘Stock Screener’, from there enter the Region and the Country from which you want to analyze stocks. Once you have selected the country, enter the currency in which you require the price of the stocks to be denoted.
  1. Secondly, you will have to select the category, from which you want to analyze your stock. You can also include other criteria that are already available on the platform. After choosing all the required metrics click on ‘add to my section’. By this, you will be able to obtain the stocks that are well within your required needs.


By following these steps, you can analyze any stock belonging to any country. One thing to note, that the basic or the free version of CapitalCube does not offer the analysis features. You will have to subscribe to either the Premium or Pro plan that starts from $29.99 per month for the Premium plan. Under this plan, you can get access to all the necessary features of the platform like Stock and ETF analysis, and much more.

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