Can I apply in an IPO through multiple applications on same name?

Short Answer

No, a person cannot apply for a single IPO more than ones. There are strict rules and regulations followed in this matter. However, his/her family members can apply for the IPO under their name provided they have a demat account and PAN number.

Detailed Answer

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is NO. You cannot apply to an IPO with different applications forms having the same name. There are specific rules and regulation regarding this where you cannot have various applications with the same name. Even if you apply, you will be wasting your time, resource and energy as all of them will be rejected.

Moreover, if you want to apply multiple times, then you cannot do it. But then your family members can apply for the IPO. All they need to have is a Demat account and PAN number to apply for the IPO. Do keep in mind that every member of your family gets only one chance to apply for a single IPO. If you apply it once, then applying again isn't a possibility.

Bottom line

As lucrative as the IPO market might seem, it's quite a hot zone for investors to apply in an IPO and see their investment reap profits. However, to get into a reputable IPO of a company isn't a piece of cake. No wonder there are so many restrictions, rules and regulations regarding this. But you get only once chance to apply for an IPO. You and your family members get one chance only for that particular IPO.

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Can I apply an IPO application in the name of Minor or HUF?

Yes, you can apply for an IPO applciation under a minor or HUF's name, provided they have different PAN card numbers.

Can I apply more than one IPO application in my name from different saving bank accounts in same bank or different banks?

Only one PAN card can be used for one application. No matter how many different savings account details you might utilize, if there is the same PAN number in more than two applications, then all of them would be revoked.

How to apply IPO in Zerodha? Buy IPO Online

If you are a Zerodha customer, you can apply for IPO online through Zerodha Console (Zerodha Back-office). The process for applying an IPO process has been explained in detail above. Here are few other answers to important queries that you may want to learn.

Where do I get an IPO application form?

An IPO application form can be procured from a syndicate office member of the IPO or a stockbroker. You can download and print the IPO forms.

How many IPO applications can I submit through online net banking from one bank account?

There are about 5 IPO applications that can submit through online net banking from one bank account. However, the number can change immensely from one bank to another.

Can a minor apply in IPO?

Have you ever wondered id a minor can apply for an IPO? Yes, a minor can apply for an IPO given that he/she has a PAN card and a Demat account.

Is it mandatory to have a PAN Number to apply in an IPO?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a PAN number to apply for an IPO since July 2006 as per Securities and exchange board of India (SEBI).

Can we apply for an IPO online on Sunday?

Yes, you can apply for an IPO application on Sunday as well but through an online application. But, you need to keep few points in mind before doing that.

Do I have to pay any brokerage at the time of applying for an IPO?

No, the application process for an IPO can be availed with zero brokerage fees. Applying in an IPO is free of cost and you don't have to bear a fee.

What are the basic requirements to apply in an IPO using the ASBA process?

ASBA or Application Supported by Blocked Amount is an alternative payment method to apply or bid for an IPO. However, it is currently available to only the Retail Individual Investors and you also need to fulfill certain requirements for the same.