Which is the best fintech company in Canada?

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Short Answer

You might have heard or read about the emerging and fast-growing fintech sector across the globe. There are numerous fintech companies that are outperforming and making a mark in this dynamic corporate world. Talking of Canada, Koho Financial seems to be a great fit in this category. Let's discover more on it.

Detailed Answer

A fintech company is a particular organization which is mainly focused on simplifying finance and money-related tasks for the general public and developing products for reforming the financial and accounting technology in the country.

Importance of Fintech

The key roles of a fintech company include the following :

1. Simplifying Investing:

One sector of fintech companies are responsible to spread awareness among the general public about investing in stocks, mutual funds, bonds and exchange-traded funds. This will cause more cash flow in the country's markets and hence will improve the number of quantities of stocks being traded in the stock exchange.

2. Financial Calculators:

Modern-day fintech companies provide the services of financial planning and retirement planning to their users. It provides the services of such calculators where the users can enter their desired values and can calculate the output results, to plan accordingly.

3. Simplifying Payments:

Fintech companies are responsible to make the process of making payments easier for the public so that the purchasing convenience of the users can be taken into account. An easy-to-use online payment interface encourages users to make cashless payments, increasing transparency.

Best Fintech Company in Canada

The best fintech company in Canada seems to be KOHO Financial Inc. based in the capital Toronto.

Key Highlights of KOHO Financial Inc.

Its key features are :

  • It was founded in 2014 and provides various services like savings account in collaboration with Peoples Trust Canada and prepaid cards in collaboration with MasterCard.

-The platform has over half a million active user base and is also awarded with NASDAQ Fintech Innovation Award in 2015.

  • It provides various benefits and cashback to its users on daily need items such as groceries, bills and other services through its prepaid card service.

-The app of the company is rated 4.8 stars on average on google play store and apple app store which shows a premium and smooth user experience.

-It has store partners all across the country and provides the best deals and offers to its users, providing them value for their money.

Hence, comparing the offerings of various fintech companies, KOHO Financial is the best fintech company in Canada. Do you have any other fintech companies to add to our best list? Feel free to share.

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