Which brokers support TradingView in India?

Last Updated: 07-Jan-2024

Short Answer

In India, many brokers support the TradingView platform. Popular names are Vantage Markets, Blackbull Markets, and Pepperstone.

Detailed Answer

Taking baby steps in trading and investing is the key to getting to great heights. Most of the brokers offering TradingView happen to allow the users to get free accounts for this.

When you compare the brokers, do not forget that they must fit your needs, not everyone else’s. TradingView provides a technical analysis that is extremely helpful to make the next moves and make strategies.

As of 2023 ending, there were many popular brokers that supported TradingView in India. But the one that initially supported it was “Dhan”. With it you can trade straight from TradingView. In order to use it you have to follow the following steps.

  • First you have to open the Dhan account.
  • Then sign up for TradingView.
  • Open the Navigate page and explore and then tap on “Trade”.
  • Click on connect. This way you will connect your Dhan account with TradingView.
  • You also have to authorize the connection for security purposes.
  • Then, trade from TradingView.

Brokers Supporting TradingView in India

In India, software like TradingView that allows you to design charts and make comparative analysis is very useful. Here is a list of brokers that support TradingView for Indians.

-Vantage Markets- Vantage Markets is one of the best trading platforms in India. They have been offering trading and investment brokerage services for the past 10 years. Being a trader, you can easily access TradingView through them. It is regulated as per CIMA and ASIC. You can get the basic and pro versions of TradingView for no charge. The best feature of Vantage Markets is that you can trade with zero commission.

-Blackbull Markets- Blackbull Markets is a MetaTrader that is compatible with many third-party trading websites. Here you get almost 281 symbols and 26000+ assets. It is regulated as per the _ FSPR and FSCL_ framework. The best part of Blackbull is that you can create a free demo account. The basic and pro version of TradingView is free for India. You can trade through TradingView here with no hidden charges.

-Pepperstone- Pepperstone is another popular platform that works as a meta trader and cTrader. It is regulated by FCA, ASIC, DSFA as well as SCB. In India, you can access TradingView using Pepperstone. They are known to offer the best client satisfaction as compared to other brokers. Here the trading is not free and you have to pay for international transfers.

Apart from these, TradingView brokers in India include Binance, OANDA, FXCM, and many more.

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