What will happen if I don't square off my Option contract on trading day?

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If you forget to square off your option contract at the end of the day, the contract will automatically be settled if it's an in-the-money option. The contract would be settled on the expiry date and will be sold at the market price.

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Firstly, let's have a look at few basics.

What is an Option Contract?

An options contract is a contractual relationship to enable a prospective transaction on an underlying asset at a predetermined price, known as the strike price, previous to or on the termination date.

Options are financial assets whose value is determined by the worth of fundamental financial assets such as stocks. An options contract gives the buyer a choice to purchase or sell the selected underlying security at a price stipulated in the contract, either within a specific timeframe or at the contract's end date, depending upon the contract they carry.

An option agreement's primary characteristics are:

  • The underlying assets.
  • The value that security can get traded (market price).
  • The contract's end date.

A standard contract for equities covers 100 shares, but the stock quantity may get modified for stock dividends, special profits, or mergers and acquisitions.

What happens if the option contract is not squared off on the trading day?

In options trading, the expiry is the most important factor that needs to be kept in mind. Not closing your trade can sometimes be detrimental, leading to various penalties and losses. There are usually two sides to trade: the buy-side and the sell-side.

By Position

In this case, the trader will get the specified amount of shares in his account and will need to pay the entire amount upfront. If the individual cannot pay for the shares bought, the exchange will withdraw the shares and sell them.

Sell Position

In a sell position, the trader will need to deliver a particular amount of shares from his account. If the seller cannot provide the underlying security will get auctioned in the free market.

What are the different types of options contracts?

Puts and calls are the two main types of options contracts. Both can be bought to opine on the security's position or hedge vulnerability. They can also get auctioned to create revenue. In a broad sense, call options can be bought as a collateralized bet on a stock's or index's acknowledgment, whereas put options can be acquired to benefit from a drop in prices.

A call option contractor has the right, but not the responsibility, to purchase the number of shares specified in the contract at the market price. On the other hand, buyers have the entitlement, but not the commitment, to sell stocks at the specified price set out in the contract.

Squaring option contracts: The Bottom Line

Options trading is a wide field with many intricacies. Therefore traders must approach it with caution. Squaring off an options contract is always the best choice as it can save you from unnecessary penalties and keep you on the right trading path.

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    If I not square off my options position on expiry day how much penality have to pay

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