How to download Sovereign Gold Bond or SGB Certificate?

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Sovereign Gold bonds is one of the most promising investments that can be made by people. The certificate of SCB is accessible though all the official agencies or agents and directly it is accessible from RBI via emails.

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Introduction on Sovereign Gold Bond:

  • It is also abbreviated as SGB.
  • These are essentially the securities issued by the government in terms of gold.
  • It is one of the most rewarding investments of gold.
  • These are not holding actual or physical gold but are the substitutes of it.
  • These are issued only twice a year, but the timing is generally not known in very advance by the government.
  • These basically means purchasing the digital gold.
  • It is one of the safest options for the people as it is digitally dealt with.
  • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issues these on part of the Indian government.
  • To issue the gold, the interested people can check the details online and fill the forms.
  • The basic tenor of this investment is 8 years, but redemption is possible pre-maturely in 5 years.
  • The bond price of the gold is valued as per the market price of gold.
  • The bond may be sold to another individual on the stock markets.
  • The RBI will send out a notification when trades begin. If you want to exchange the connection, you will need to keep it in demat.
  • Investors are guaranteed the fair value of gold at maturity as well as occasional dividends.
  • The basic identification required for investing in SCB is to own a PAN (Permanent Account Number) card which is issued by the Income tax (IT) department of India.
  • These can also be gifted to other people who fit in with the eligibility criteria.

Essential information on SCB such as eligibility, allotment, etc.:

  • In this gold bonds, even minor is allowed to invest but the responsibility of the same will be given to the guardian.
  • They are not meant to be used in place of physical gold. The issue price must be paid in cash, and the securities must be repaid in cash at redemption.
  • Joint holding is allowed in SCB.
  • In the case of a joint ownership for that specific procedure, the maximum cap would apply to the first claimant.
  • SGB is open to anyone who is a resident of India as specified by the Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999.
  • Individual people, HUFs- Hindu Undivided Families, colleges, foundations, and nonprofit organizations are all qualified investors.
  • If each family member meets the eligibility requirements, they may purchase the securities under their own title.
  • Since the limit is set on a fiscal year (April-March) basis, a shareholder or foundation can buy 4 kg/20 kg of gold per year.

Application of Sovereign Gold bonds and its certification:

  • There are various branches and apply for sovereign Gold bonds including online services.
  • The places where individuals can apply are- Public Sector banks, Private Banks, International Banks, Stock Holding Company of India Ltd. (SHCIL).
  • Licensed stock exchanges are also allowed via agents.
  • Clients will receive a Certificate of Holding on the day the SGB is released.
  • If an account number is given in the registration form, the certification of ownership can be picked up from the authorizing agencies, banks and agents or directly accessed from RBI through email.
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    If you have purchased the SGB through an offline method (Bank), you will receive the Certificate immediately after the successful issuance of the bond. You shall receive the soft copy of the certificate in your email which is registered with the bank.

    on 04-03-2022, i had applied for RBI SOVERIGN GOLD BOND in Band of india, wanted to know will i be getting a bond certificate immediately

    In this case, if you had applied for the SGB online through your stockbroker, you can mail them directly with your transaction ID. You can also mail the RBI to "" and E Kuber at "" along with the supporting documents like order/transaction ID, investor ID, PAN number, Name, number of units, etc from your registered email ID.

    I have deleted the emails from e kuber containing certificates of deposit. how to get duplicate copy?

    SGB is one of the safest investments and are issued by the reserve bank of India on the behalf of government. Investors earn gains at maturity and dividends as well from time to time. When an investor invest to buy the gold, they also receive the certification for the same.

    As soon as you buy digital gold, you tend to receive a certificate that you have purchased it. However, you would be notified by the platform on this issuance and finally by the RBI of the purchase made.

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