Share any new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment in India?

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Hi, can anyone share new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment in India. I am willing to start a new business. I have few ideas. I wish to put some investment as well.

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I was just trying to accumulate more such interesting manufacturing business ideas to choose from.

Here goes my list of my favourite and unique manufacturing business ideas...

New manufacturing business ideas with medium investment in India:

  • Personalised Gift Items
  • Customised pillows
  • Stylish Mobile covers
  • Fancy file and paper folders
  • Jam & Jelly making
  • Pickle making
  • Chocolate making
  • Artificial Jewellery making

Of course, I can't do them all 🙂 I'll pick up one only.

I know starting a manufacturing business is not that easy. A lot of effort needs to be added along with a good business idea. And, all the formalities and compliance to be done. But, I am ready for that. All I need is trying a new ideas with medium investment.

I am personally interested in Personal gift items idea. If you can put some more innovative thoughts to my manufacturing business ideas, it would be great. Feel free to add your opinions.

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    Very interesting business ideas. Have confidence and try the one you like. My favourite business ideas are: 1. Making chocolates and candies. 2. Making designer candles. These 2 are tried and tested traditional home business ideas. My cousin tried this for sometime and got good results. For some reasons, she had to quit. But, if you can grab a good customer base these business ideas can really work well in the festival season in India.

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