Is Qtrade or Questrade better?

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Questrade seems to be a better choice unless you are interested in owning mutual funds. But, both Qtrade and Questrade have their pros and cons. So, we will be comparing both the stock trading platforms here.

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Trading Platforms in Canada

TD Bank’s WebBroker was Canada’s first online stock broking platform and it was established in 1996. Since then, numerous trading platforms have emerged in Canada – both associated with bank and independent platforms. You can use these trading platforms to buy and sell shares, bonds, ETFs at the convenience of your home.

Qtrade and Questrade are one of numerous Canadian trading platforms. They are basically software that aid in trading of financial instruments.

Comparison between features of Qtrade and Questrade

Quest vs Q.PNG

Is Qtrade or Questrade better?

For beginners, Questrade is better as it offers Quest wealth portfolios that are pre-built based on the risk appetite of investors.

For high volume traders, Questrade is better as it offers trades at as low as $0.01 per trade for those who transact more than 150 trades per year.

If you are someone who is interested in trading or owning ETFs then you can go for Questrade, as it is free to purchase ETFs within this platform.

Questrade offers professional advisers who can get connected with you over call to assist you with your trade.

If you are someone who is interested in mutual funds and want to have proper customer service help then Qtrade is suitable for you.

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